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Customizable induction heater

Customizable induction heater

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Customizable induction heater
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  Customizable induction heater

Some special models require custom bargaining

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Induction coil introduction


  Induction heating coils are also called inductors, electromagnetic transducers, and the like. It is an energy output device for induction heating equipment such as high frequency machines and intermediate frequency machines. In order to ensure the heating speed and efficiency, the parameters (number of turns), diameter, shape, size and other parameters must meet the requirements of impedance matching conditions and workpiece processes. Relatively speaking, the larger the diameter of the induction coil, the fewer the number of turns; the smaller the diameter, the more the number of turns.
Commonly used sensors include external surface heating sensor, internal hole heating sensor, flat heating sensor, universal heating sensor, special heating sensor, single heating sensor, composite heating sensor, melting furnace, etc. Wait.
In the selection of materials, the high resistivity copper should be selected, and the specification and wall thickness should meet the requirements of the maximum working current. In order to avoid the ignition of the induction coil and the workpiece, the induction coil is ignited, and the anti-magnetic saturation causes damage and influence on the machine or the workpiece. In the production, not only must design the sensing scheme, determine the shape of the induction coil, and calculate the main parameters. Also need to choose materials such as insulation, insulation, insulation and protection. Such as high temperature insulation casing, high temperature insulation cotton, quartz tube, graphite tube, silica gel and refractory materials.

The performance of the coil of the medium and high frequency induction heating equipment directly affects the effective output power, work efficiency, stability reliability and service life of the equipment. Therefore, each sensor should be strictly designed and manufactured, and even require experimental demonstration.

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