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two technical details of induction heating equipment power supply

Specifically, the electromagnetic induction heating uses electromagnetic induction to form an induced current in the internal structure of the heat-treated raw material, and the energy conversion by these eddy current effects achieves the purpose of heat treatment heating. The basic components of an electromagnetic induction heating device include an electromagnetic induction coil, an alternating current, and a workpiece product. According to the heat treatment heating target is different, the electromagnetic coil can be made into a different shape. The electromagnetic coil and the power source are connected to each other, and the power source supplies an alternating current to the electromagnetic coil, and the alternating current flowing through the electromagnetic coil forms an alternating electromagnetic field passing through the workpiece product, and the electromagnetic field causes the workpiece product to form an eddy current effect for heat treatment heating.

Induction heating equipment technology:
First, series and parallel

Induction heating equipment Inverter transformers mainly include parallel inverter transformers and series inverter transformers. The output of the series inverter transformer can be equivalent to a low-impedance voltage source. When the two voltage sources are connected in parallel, the amplitude, phase and frequency of each other. Different or fluctuating will lead to a large circulation, so that the induced current of the inverter transformer is seriously uneven. Therefore, the series inverter transformer has difficulty in parallel expansion; and for the parallel inverter transformer, the DC input of the inverter transformer The large reactor can act as an inductive current buffer between the parallel inverter transformers, so that the AG/DG or DG/DG link at the input has enough time to correct the deviation of the DC current to achieve multi-machine parallel expansion, transistorized super audio. The high-frequency induction current mostly uses the parallel inverter transformer structure, and the parallel inverter transformer is easy to be modularized and large-capacity is one of the main reasons.

Two technical details of induction heating equipment

Induction heating equipment has a variety of load targets, and the power inverter transformer and load are an organic whole. Usually, a paired transformer is used to connect the power supply and the load sensor. The matching transformer for the high frequency and super audio power source is from the magnetic material to the magnetic material. The winding structure is being further optimized and improved. At the same time, three passive components can be replaced by three passive components from the circuit topology to eliminate the transformer and achieve efficient and low-cost pairing.
Induction heating equipment, thyristors, transistors and tube tubes can be produced in China. Thyristor power supplies have been in production for many years. IGBT power supplies are more user-selected because of their advantages. IGBT power supply has high electrical efficiency and low voltage, but the price is high, and it is gradually replacing the high-frequency power supply of the tube. The portable small-scale high-frequency power supply is widely used in domestic applications because of its low cost, convenience and speed, so as to enter the international market.

Second, annealing and tempering applications

Annealing heats the workpiece product to a proper temperature, selects different holding time according to the size of the raw material and the workpiece product, and then performs relatively slow cooling (slow cooling rate), so that the internal structure of the metal material reaches or approaches a stable equilibrium state. , to obtain excellent process performance and performance, or to prepare for further quenching tissue.
The use of electromagnetic induction heating instead of gas or furnace for preheating has several advantages. Thermal conduction can be performed directly, which minimizes heat loss and energy conversion losses, increases production efficiency, and improves product quality.

At the same time, the heat can be precisely controlled, which can reduce the temperature during welding and thus reduce the cooling rate. In addition, it also helps to reduce the risk of cold cracking and hardening. With induction heating, you don't have to deal with hot gas, which improves the working environment, reduces the need for heat dissipation system, and reduces the risk of fire.

Induction heating equipment power supply is widely used

Induction heating equipment power supply has the highest heating efficiency, the fastest speed and low environmental protection. It has been widely used in various industries for the thermal processing, heat treatment, thermal assembly and welding, smelting and other processes of metal materials. Induction heating equipment power supply consists of two parts, one is the AC power supply that provides energy, also known as the variable frequency power supply; the other part is the induction coil that completes the electromagnetic induction energy conversion, called the sensor.
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