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how to install medium and high frequency induction heating equipment

Medium and high frequency induction heating equipment installation process:
1. Place the main and auxiliary machines: Generally, the main machine (operation control machine) is on, and the auxiliary machine (power output machine) is placed below.
2, connect the main and auxiliary water and electricity: use the two thin hoses in the accessories, straight up and down to connect the waterway. Then use the two cables in the accessory, red to red, black to black to connect the power circuit. Be sure to tighten and do not have poor contact. Connect the ground wire of the main and auxiliary machines.
3, power: Equipment depends on the actual situation, generally 110V 220V 380V or 450V and its custom special type of machine voltage.
110V 220V according to the chassis power prompts The principle is that the red is the phase line black is zero line. Access a dedicated single-phase power leakage switch or air switch.
380V three-phase power supply mode (380V), connect three red wires to a dedicated three-phase power leakage switch or air switch (65A or above). Then connect the ground wire.
The three-phase four-wire system is generally black and the other three colors are phase lines, which can be connected according to actual conditions.

Medium and high frequency induction heating equipment

4. Water receiving: The cooling water pressure commonly used in equipment is 0.1Mpa-0.3Mpa (about 1-3 kg). Different models require different water supply pressures. Specifically look at the power of the machine. Customers are advised to use a 370W single-phase (220V) water pump and a water storage tank or reservoir (depending on the continuous working time and workload, the small cooling tower or chiller can be installed if necessary). Conditional restrictions can be directly cooled by a chiller. Use a hose to connect the water outlet of the pump to the water inlet of the machine. The water outlet of the machine uses a hose to return the backwater to the reservoir to cool the water circulating water.

5. Install electromagnetic induction coil: Select and install and fix the electromagnetic induction coil according to the shape and shape of the heated metal product. In particular, the electromagnetic induction coil must not have a short circuit.

6. Insert the product workpiece: put the product workpiece to be heated into the center of the electromagnetic induction coil, the surrounding space should be basically the same, and the product workpiece and the electromagnetic induction coil can not touch each other.

The purpose of high frequency induction heating machine:

1. Heat treatment: partial or whole hardening quenching, softening annealing, stress relief, and heat penetration of various metals;

2. Thermoforming: whole forging, partial forging, hot rolling, hot rolling;

3. Welding: brazing of various metal products, welding of various cutter blades, saw blade serrations, steel pipe, copper pipe welding, precision PC board electrical soldering, and all kinds of dissimilar metal welding;

4. Metal smelting: (vacuum) smelting, casting molding and evaporation coating of gold, silver, copper, iron, aluminum and other metals;

5, high-frequency heating machine other applications: semiconductor single crystal growth, thermal cooperation, bottle mouth heat sealing, toothpaste skin heat sealing, powder coating, metal implant plastic, physical and medical uses.
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