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high frequency induction heating machine operation method

How to operate the high frequency induction heater:
1. Water supply: Start the water pump and check if the water flow is normal.
2. Power on: first close the knife, then turn on the air switch on the back of the device, then turn on the switch power on the main control board.
3, quick setting: select the operating mode according to the demand (automatic, semi-automatic, manual and foot control), automatic and semi-automatic control need to set the heating time, holding time and cooling time (each time can not be set to 0, otherwise Unable to auto-loop automatically). Manual or foot control should be used before first use and without proficiency.
4. Start-up: Before each start-up, the adjustable output potentiometer of the heating output power should be adjusted to the minimum. After the start-up, the required output power should be adjusted slowly. Press the start button to start the device. At this moment, the heating signal indicator on the control panel is on, and the prompt sound of normal operation and the work light flash simultaneously.
5. Observation and temperature measurement: In the heating process, it is mainly determined by visual inspection to determine when to stop heating according to practical experience. Operators who have no practical experience can use a thermostat to detect the temperature of the product workpiece.
6. Stop: When the temperature reaches the requirement, press the stop button to stop heating. It can be started again after replacing the product workpiece.
7. Shutdown: This machine can work continuously for 24 hours. When not in use, the switch power should be turned off. When not in use for a long time, the leakage switch should be turned off or the air should be turned on after the device is turned off.
turn off. When the power is turned off, it is necessary to stop the water after the power is turned off, so that the heat inside the machine equipment and the heat of the electromagnetic induction coil are dissipated.
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