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Why should steel parts be quenched and tempered What effect

What is the significance of quenching and tempering?
Quenching and tempering treatment: The heat treatment method of high temperature tempering after quenching is called quenching and tempering treatment. High temperature tempering refers to tempering between 500-650 °C. Quenching and tempering can make the properties of steel and materials be adjusted to a large extent, and its strength, plasticity and toughness are good, and it has good comprehensive mechanical properties.
After quenching and tempering treatment, tempered sorbite is obtained. Tempered sorbite is formed when martensite is tempered and can be distinguished by magnifying 500~600 times under an optical metallographic microscope. It is a carbide distributed in the ferrite matrix (including Cementite) composite structure of spherulites. It is also a tempering structure of martensite, a mixture of ferrite and granular carbide. At this time, the ferrite has substantially no carbon supersaturation, and the carbide is also a stable carbide. At room temperature is a balanced organization.
Analysis of the effect of steel quenching and tempering treatment:
The quenching temperature of 45 steel is at A3+(30~50) °C. In actual operation, the upper limit is generally taken. The high quenching temperature can accelerate the heating of the workpiece, reduce the surface oxidation, and improve the work efficiency. In order to homogenize the austenite of the workpiece, sufficient holding time is required. If the actual amount of furnace is large, it is necessary to extend the holding time appropriately. Otherwise, there may be a phenomenon of insufficient hardness due to uneven heating. However, if the holding time is too long, there will also be a problem of coarse grains, serious oxidative decarburization, and affecting the quality of quenching. We believe that if the furnace volume is greater than the specification of the process documentation, the heating and holding time needs to be extended by 1/5.
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