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Why is the IF induction furnace widely used in all walks of life

The medium frequency induction furnace adopts the induction heating process to directly heat the workpiece. It has the advantages of fast on-off speed and high working frequency. It is widely used in the field of heat-transfer forging, quenching, tempering, annealing, quenching and other heat treatment industries and preheating. Hot loading and other industries. So what are the advantages of the medium frequency induction furnace so that it is widely used in all walks of life?

Many users are using this induction heating device today. The user uses it because it has its own advantages.

The first is energy conservation and environmental protection. Now the country is becoming more and more strict with air pollution control. This is the advantage of the medium frequency induction furnace. Secondly, the use of medium frequency induction furnace can reduce the production cost. In addition, the medium frequency induction furnace has a high The technology content, so its energy efficiency is also very good; the other is that this equipment can be used in a very good performance and high efficiency.

The medium frequency diathermy furnace has higher requirements for operational reliability and simplicity in use, and can be used in various equipments, and can also be used for semi-automatic and full automation and microcomputer linkage operation. This is why the entire operation of the IF induction furnace can achieve high accuracy. At the same time, the entire operation of the medium frequency induction furnace can achieve automation, which is also an excellent performance for the current industry.

Performance and characteristics of medium frequency forging furnace:
1. Fast heating: the temperature required for heat treatment of the workpiece within 1 second;
2, wide heating: can heat metal parts of different specifications and types;
3, easy to install: connect the intermediate frequency power supply and induction coil and the inlet and outlet water pipe forging heating equipment can be used;
4, the effect is good: non-contact heating, more uniform heat of the workpiece;
5, the temperature rises quickly, the heating speed is fast, the workpiece has less oxide layer, and there is no waste after heating;
6, power adjustable: stepless adjustment of output power;
7, protection: full of over-voltage, over-current, overheating, water shortage and other alarm indications, and automatic control and protection.
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