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Which product quality is reliable for electric heating furnace manufacturers?

When it comes to electric heating furnaces, everyone should know about it. It is used in many places. Its use is quite extensive. There are many manufacturers of electric heating furnaces on the market. Let's take a look at the small series of Haituo Electromechanical. Let's introduce the relevant information of the electric heating furnace manufacturer.
First, the introduction of electric heating furnace information.

The electric heating boiler is mainly composed of a boiler body, an electric control box and a control system. Its characteristics are environmental protection, clean, pollution-free, noise-free, fully automatic. With the reduction of limited energy and large price increases, electric heating boilers are increasingly recognized by everyone as an emerging boiler equipment. The electric heating tube is the core component of the electric heating boiler, which directly determines the service life of the boiler. Try to choose a non-metal electric heating tube (such as ceramic electric heating tube) because it is resistant to load, has a long service life, and is a hydroelectric separation structure. No leakage.

Second, the working principle.

The Haituo electromechanical electric heating boiler uses a metal tubular electric heater to heat the water to directly convert the electric energy into heat (generating hot water or steam). There is no need to use combustion to convert chemical energy into heat energy, so there is no need to supply the air and fuel required for combustion, and it will not emit harmful gases and ash, which fully meets environmental protection requirements.
Third, the characteristics.

Haituo electromechanical automatic intelligent control technology, no need to be on duty. Flexible working mode, can be set to manual or automatic mode. The automatic operation time period of the boiler can be set as required, and a plurality of different working hours can be set in one day, so that the boiler can automatically start each heating group in a time-sharing manner, and the heating group can be cycled and cut, so that the contactors use the same time and frequency, and improve the use of the equipment. life. The controller automatically controls, calculates, and commands the pressure, and can automatically start and stop the feed pump and the electric heating tube when the load changes, or can be manually controlled. With a full range of protection functions, leakage protection, water shortage protection, grounding protection, steam overpressure protection, overcurrent protection, power protection, etc., boiler automatic protection, safe home. The boiler body is made of boiler pressure vessel steel plate. The longitudinal and circumferential welds of the furnace body are automatically welded and X-ray flaw detection is carried out. The small boiler body and electromechanical integration are convenient for installation and mating; large boiler body and electronic control split Design, to prevent the electrical control part from being affected by the high temperature of the furnace body, to ensure the stable operation of the electronic control device.

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The above information is introduced by Haituo Electromechanical Xiaobian. You know about the electric heating furnace manufacturers. Although there are many manufacturers of heating furnaces on the market, many of them are not professional enough, and the quality is not reliable enough, so we Pay attention when choosing.
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