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What is the induction heating power supply, what advantages does Dongguan Haituo induction heating power supply have?

Many parts processing companies now use induction heating power supplies, which is a relatively advanced heating device. Next, let's take a look at what is the induction heating power supply. What are the advantages of induction heating power supply?

What is an induction heating power supply?

The induction heating power source has the highest heating efficiency and the fastest speed for metal materials, and is low in environmental protection. It has been widely used in various industries for the thermal processing, heat treatment, thermal assembly and welding, smelting and other processes of metal materials. The induction heating power supply consists of two parts, one is the AC power supply that provides energy, also called the variable frequency power supply; the other part is the induction coil that completes the electromagnetic induction energy conversion, called the sensor.

What is the induction heating power supply? What are the advantages of induction heating power supply?

Induction heating power supply
What is the induction heating power supply,
Using MOSFET, IGBT power device and variable frequency control technology, it is efficient, energy-saving and has higher output power;

With constant current and constant power control function, it greatly optimizes the heating process of metal, realizes efficient and rapid heating, and the product superiority is greatly exerted; under the same conditions, it has twice the power saving than the traditional tube high-frequency heating equipment. With 满负荷 load design, it can work 24 hours a day, can be equipped with infrared temperature measurement to achieve automatic temperature control, improve heating quality, simplify manual operation; with heating-heat preservation-cooling three-time function setting, you can get The required heating and heat preservation process is suitable for batch and repetitive heating places; it has various status indications such as overcurrent, overpressure, water shortage, phase loss and load discomfort, providing higher reliability and durability;

The power is selected according to power and frequency. The higher the frequency, the shallower the heating depth, and the lower the frequency, the better the heat permeability;
Induction heating power supply

What are the advantages of induction heating power supply?

Induction heating power supply not only can heat the whole workpiece, but also localized heating of the workpiece; it can realize deep heat penetration of the workpiece, or it can only heat the surface and surface layer; not only can the metal material be directly heated, but also Indirect heating of non-metallic materials. and many more. Therefore, induction heating technology will be more and more widely used in various industries. A surface heat treatment process in which a workpiece is locally heated by an induced current. This heat treatment process is often used for surface hardening, local annealing or tempering, and sometimes for overall quenching and tempering. With the needs of steel, iron, copper, aluminum and alloy industries, induction melting equipment has been favored, more and more industries have applied induction heating equipment, more and more into the induction heating equipment industry, more and more Brands enter the Chinese market.

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