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What is an annealing furnace or a heating quenching furnace

If you are engaged in the metal machinery manufacturing industry, then you must know the importance of quenching, annealing and tempering. You also know that the electric quenching and annealing equipment is basically used for quenching annealing, which replaces the traditional open flame method because of electric heating. Quenching equipment is very important for the forging and quenching annealing of metal workpieces. If the electric heating method is not used, the conventional bituminous coal fire-heating quenching annealing does not say that the inefficiency is inconvenient and the environmental problems are now, then the production will be difficult to carry out. . So, what are the commonly used quenching annealing processes? Which one is better for quenching annealing furnace manufacturers? Let's take a look at it.

First, the quenching and annealing are different. The quenching and annealing purposes are the same, and the workability is different.

The key use of annealing is to soften the metal material, enhance the flexibility, and apply it to various metal heat treatments;

Quenching improves the mechanical properties of metal materials or parts and improves the material properties or chemical properties of certain special steels.

Therefore, the heating quenching furnace can also be called a heating annealing furnace, the function of which is heating, but the heating process is different, and the obtained result is different. For example, the heating of the workpiece after the instantaneous cooling is quenching, and the workpiece is slowly cooled in the air to be annealed. .
What is an annealing furnace or a heating quenching furnace?

So what is the annealing furnace (quenching furnace)? The principle of the annealing furnace
What is an annealing furnace or a heating quenching furnace

Annealing furnace is a common electrothermal high-frequency quenching equipment used in the metal machinery manufacturing industry. It is a heating induction coil that uses a high-current high-current current to be wound into a ring shape or a desired shape. High-cycle induction is usually Made of copper hollow tube. A strong magnetic flux that instantaneously changes in polarity is generated in the high-frequency induction coil, and the metal to be heat-treated is placed in the high-frequency coil, and the magnetic beam penetrates the entire heated metal object. In the opposite direction of the induction heating current inside the induction heating object, a corresponding strong eddy current is generated. Because the inductively heated metal has electrical resistance, it generates strong Joule heat energy, which causes the temperature of the object to be heated to rise rapidly, thereby achieving the purpose of heat treatment.

An annealing furnace is a metal heat treatment process in which metal parts are placed in different heating furnaces and slowly heated to a certain temperature, kept for a certain period of time, and then cooled at a suitable speed (usually natural cooling, sometimes controlled speed cooling). According to the current state of the workpiece to be processed, timely and precise automatic control, such as through analog or digital circuit processing, adjust the power or frequency, and automatically adjust the workpiece heating temperature or depth to meet the process requirements. Induction heating adjustment is relatively fine, usually by adjusting the phase shift, pulse duty cycle and other parameters to adjust the heating power. Once the heating temperature is determined according to the process requirements, it will be kept at this temperature due to its own negative feedback. Achieve constant power control. The temperature uniformity is good, the temperature difference can be controlled at 1%, and the product quality and the pass rate are improved.

If necessary, you can install automated equipment such as a robot arm to achieve automated production.

If it is necessary to quench the effect, then just remove the heated workpiece and place it under the coolant (water or oil, etc.) and cool immediately to achieve the quenching effect.

If you want to know more about the annealing furnace (quenching furnace), such as the working structure of the annealing furnace, installation methods, etc., you can go to Haituo Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. to see.
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