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What happens to the cabinet type molten gold machine overcurrent?

What happens to the cabinet type molten gold machine overcurrent?

Recently, I saw a lot of friends in the molten gold industry on the Internet asking what kind of failure phenomenon should occur when the cabinet type molten gold machine is over-current. What problems should be paid attention to when using it? In order to help everyone solve the doubts, Haituo Electromechanical Co., Ltd. Everyone collected relevant information.

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What happens to the cabinet type molten gold machine overcurrent?

The following phenomenon occurs when the molten metal machine is overcurrent:

(1) When restarting, it will trip at a speed. This is a very serious phenomenon of over-current of the gold-melting machine. Mainly caused by load short circuit, mechanical parts stuck, inverter module damage, motor torque is too small, etc.;

(2) Jumping on power-on, this phenomenon can not be reset generally, the main reasons are: bad module, bad drive circuit, bad current detection circuit;

(3) When restarting, it does not trip immediately but during acceleration. The main reasons are: the acceleration time setting is too short, the current upper limit setting is too small, and the torque compensation (V/F) setting is high.

In order to protect the molten gold machine from being burned under the condition of overcurrent, the circuit of the molten gold machine is provided with an overcurrent protection device. The over-current protection of the gold-melting machine includes short circuit protection, overload protection (overload protection) and phase failure protection. Overcurrent protection is mainly used to protect the inverter. Therefore, once the molten metal machine has an overcurrent inverter alarm, it becomes frequent.

In order to make the molten metal over-current protection device play its proper protection, the rated current of the fuse should be reasonably selected, and the action value of the relay should be selected and adjusted.
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Cabinet type gold melting machine notes:

1. Do not use the gold melting machine when the input voltage is too high. The power supply range should be 380V for three phases, and the voltage fluctuation is 380±5%.

2. The inside of the molten gold machine and the induction coil must be cooled by water, and the water source should be clean. The water temperature should not exceed 40 °C, so as to avoid blockage and scaling of the pipeline and accelerate the aging and damage of the machine.

3. Maintain a certain water flow rate. The water pressure of the cooling water source is ≥0.2MPa/≥3L/Min. Always check whether the cooling water is working normally after turning on the power.

4. Ensure that the fan path is unblocked.

5. To prevent electric shock, please make sure the chassis is grounded.

6. Do not press the heating switch when there is no metal in the crucible.

7. Pour the molten metal into the graphite tank, and press the stop heating switch to clamp the 坩埚.

8. In order to prevent the splash of metal liquid, the power should be adjusted to be small when the material is discharged for the first time. When the metal liquid fills the bottom of the cup, it will be gradually increased.

The above is what Haituo Electromechanical collects for you about the phenomenon of over-flow of the cabinet-type gold-melting machine. When the cabinet-type molten gold machine fails, you can cut off the power supply first, then look for a special technician or after-sales maintenance. Do not blindly repair.
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