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What are the mistakes in buying induction heating equipment

What are the misunderstandings of buying induction heating equipment? What misunderstandings do customers have for purchasing induction heating equipment? In the contact with customers, there is a general misunderstanding about the purchase of induction heating furnaces. In order to allow everyone to buy high-quality equipment, Haituo manufacturers will introduce several common mistakes to you as follows:

Misunderstanding 1: Only look at the power, the frequency does not pass the heat of standard products, fasteners, etc., if the diameter of the heated workpiece is larger than φ60 mm, the intermediate frequency equipment should be selected. In this case, the high frequency machine can be used in the workpiece. Outside the "heat flow", which "black heart" (commonly known as "black heart"), not only the frequency is greatly reduced, but also the mold life will actually cause the mold to be destroyed, no intention to improve the blood, but I do not know the original. This is the current Haiduo manufacturers encounter many customers will have such problems.
Misunderstanding 2: only look at the model, do not look at the power, such as the medium frequency induction heating equipment with a single-phase input current 120A ~ I input power 120KVA refers to the deer for the horse, collectively known as 120 machines, resulting in the purchase of back only to find the real power is only 80KVA, clearly accounted for the cheap In fact, I ate a loss in the dark.


Misunderstanding 3: Just look at the output, do not look at the input. Ignore the efficiency of the induction heating furnace and the power consumption factor. After buying the equipment, I found out that it was a “electric worm”, which led to the affordability and the inability to use the circle. For example, the same is the 80 machine, but one is the input power of 80KVA, the other is the output power of 80KW, but the efficiency of the facilities is very different, although it can also satisfy the eagerness of the merits, but the power consumption allows the user to bury three complaints. The output of the 80KW facility is input to achieve 120KVA.
Misunderstanding 4: The typical "recognition less and less representative" class, this type of Haituo manufacturers encounter the most common customers, the customer itself has a certain understanding of induction heating, and then according to their own ideas, as long as the model power machine, always feel that the sales staff recommended More power or other models are deceiving him. Then, after purchasing and returning to use according to your own ideas, I found that the actual application could not meet the requirements of the heart. In fact, this is not difficult to understand. The output of the machine itself is related to the actual model. Second, it is also inseparable from the material operation. So generally speaking, you only need to report what products you need to heat, what process to do, the specific process requirements, such as the length, how much heating time, how much heating temperature, and so on. Professional matters are handed over to professional people, and sales are recommended to you for sure.

Finally, the models defined by each manufacturer have different power frequencies.

Above, when you buy an intermediate frequency heating electric furnace, you can refer to it and provide high quality products, which is the principle we have been following!
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