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What are the high-frequency quenching equipment which is good

There are some types of quenching furnaces for heat treatment and quenching equipment. Some hardware companies that cast steel want to purchase equipment and expand productivity. But there are many types of quenching equipment, how to choose? Which is the induction quenching furnace? What are the advantages of high-frequency quenching equipment? Xiaobian for everyone.

Quenching furnace type

Haituo electromechanical quenching equipment is mainly divided into medium frequency quenching furnace, high frequency quenching furnace, power frequency quenching furnace, and its supporting power supply. CNC quenching machine, integrated quenching machine. There are a large number of quenching related equipment on the induction equipment network.

The quenching equipment is mainly composed of three parts: quenching machine, medium and high frequency power supply and cooling device. The quenching machine consists of bed body, loading and unloading mechanism, clamping and rotating mechanism, quenching transformer and resonant tank circuit, cooling system and quenching liquid circulation system. The composition of the electric control system, quenching machine tools are generally single-station; quenching machine tools from the structure of vertical and horizontal two categories, the user can choose the quenching machine according to the quenching process, for special parts or special processes, according to the heating process It is required to design and manufacture special quenching machine tools.

Which induction quenching furnace is better?

Purchasing induction hardening furnace, selected Dongguan Haituo Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd., is a manufacturer of medium and high frequency induction heating equipment developed earlier in China. It is a collection of professional experts engaged in induction heating equipment, research and development, design, manufacturing, sales and service. In one of the high-tech private enterprises. Because of the professional, it has excellent technical research and development team, rich experience, customized automatic induction heating equipment according to the workpiece and process, free to provide customers with personalized process solutions. As well as a comprehensive after-sales service system in various parts of the country, we have won the trust of many famous domestic enterprises, and have the experience of providing quality products and services to them. Welcome to visit the company.

Haituo Electromechanical has developed and manufactured all-row induction heating equipment: high frequency heating machine, high frequency welding machine, high frequency quenching equipment, medium frequency furnace, medium frequency melting furnace, ultra high frequency induction heating machine, super audio induction heating equipment and matching Medium frequency forging furnace, automatic CNC quenching machine, chiller and related equipment, widely used in metal processing industry, such as metal preheating, high frequency welding (brazing), diathermy forming, quenching, annealing, melting, thermal Equivalent process


Advantages of high frequency quenching equipment

Haituo electromechanical high frequency quenching equipment has many advantages, such as:

1. Adopt IGBT module, save energy and save electricity: save 30% than electronic tube, and save 20% than thyristor;

2, stable performance: complete protection measures, no worries;

3, small size: the use of split structure, light weight, mobile installation is convenient;

4. Environmental protection: no pollution, noise and dust;

5, strong adaptability: can heat a variety of workpieces;

6. The temperature and heating time can be precisely controlled and the processing quality is high.

The above is about the type of steel quenching furnace heat treatment equipment, you can see which one is suitable for yourself according to your own production needs. Nowadays, more manufacturers will choose high-frequency quenching equipment, and there are many advantages. We can give priority to high-frequency quenching equipment.
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