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What are the characteristics of super audio induction heating equipment? What are the applications of IGBT super audio power supply?

Super audio induction heating equipment igbt super audio power, everyone knows? So what are the scope of igbt super audio power application? What are the characteristics of igbt super audio power equipment? What are the power structure and working principle? Let Haitu Let me introduce you in detail!

First, igbt super audio power machine equipment features
1. Super-audio induction heating power supply, using the fourth-generation IGBT parallel inverter circuit and inverter control technology, the 满负荷 load sustained rate of this series of machines and equipment is sufficient, and the continuous 24 hours maximum power heating state can be operated;
2. This technology reduces the voltage on the primary coil in the high-frequency transformer, greatly reducing the problem of insulation and ignition caused by high voltage; the enterprise customer reflects the high reliability of the machine;
3. The high-frequency transformer equipment is small in size, light in weight, small in loss, movable, and covers an area of ​​less than 1 square meter, saving 10 times of production indoor space for enterprise customers;
3. Large output power, fast heating, high efficiency, convenient operation method, improved electric conversion rate, and energy saving of machine equipment by more than 30-40%, thus reducing production cost.

Second, igbt super audio induction heating equipment power application range
1. Heat treatment process for parts such as gears and shafts;
2. Continuous annealing of steel wire;
3, tableware heating hot press forming;
4. Standard parts are heated forging and forming.

Third, igbt super audio power supply structure and working principle

The main circuit uses a parallel resonant inverter. The current source parallel resonant inverter has the advantages of strong load adaptability and strong resistance to load short circuit. The waveform of the machine is better, which is beneficial to improve the efficiency and reliability of the equipment. The main circuit is three-phase electric full-wave uncontrolled rectification plus filtering, and then input to the inverter after chopping. Because the IGBT chopping frequency is high (about 20 kHz), the output waveform is better, and the reactor size can be reduced to 1/3. The rectifier bridge of the device uses a common rectifier diode, and the filter capacitor is an electrolytic capacitor of 450V/1500μF.
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