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What are the advantages of UHF induction heating machines

Ultra high frequency induction heating machine

Ultra-high frequency induction heating equipment is mostly used for surface quenching of industrial metal parts. It is a metal heat treatment method that generates a certain induced current on the surface of the workpiece, rapidly heats the surface of the part and then rapidly quenches the surface. Ultra-high frequency induction heating equipment, that is, equipment that inductively heats a workpiece to perform surface hardening.

What are the outstanding advantages of UHF induction heating machines?

1. Adopt international famous company Siemens IGBT power device and unique inverter technology, designed with 满负荷 load continuation rate, 24 hours operation under maximum power, high reliability guarantee.

2. The self-control type can adjust the heating time, heating power, holding time, heat preservation power and cooling time; greatly improve the quality of heating products and the repeatability of heating, and simplify the operation technology of workers.

3, light weight, small size, simple installation, connected to 380V three-phase power, water, water, can be completed in a few minutes.

4, the footprint is very small, easy to operate, can be learned in a few minutes.

5, especially safe, the output voltage is lower than 36V, eliminating the danger of high voltage electric shock.

6, the heating efficiency is up to 90%, the energy consumption is only 20%-30% of the high frequency of the old-fashioned tube, almost no electricity in the standby state, and can work continuously for 24 hours.

7. The sensor can be disassembled and replaced freely, and the ultra-fast heating greatly reduces the oxidative deformation of the workpiece.

8, the replacement of oxygen, acetylene, coal and other dangerous goods heating the latest environmentally friendly products, no open fire production is safer and more assured.

9. The equipment has over-current, over-voltage, over-temperature, water shortage, and lack of perfect automatic protection functions, and is equipped with a fault self-diagnosis alarm system.

10. The device has the control function of constant current and constant power, which greatly optimizes the heating process of metal, realizes efficient and rapid heating, and the superior performance of the product is fully exerted.

What is the application range of UHF induction heating machine?

1. Carbide saw blade size tooth welding

2. Spectacle frame, spare parts welding annealing

3. Jewelry Watch Welding

4.Electronics industry (very fine wire, various electronic components, fine parts, soldering, silver soldering)

5. Electromechanical industry (fine metal joint silver brazing micro motor shaft quenching and tempering)

6. Wire industry (wire strip annealing)

7. Tool welding, paper cutter, shoe knife edge quenching

8. Toy industry (spring metal sheet tempered)

Compared with the induction heating process, it has obvious advantages such as energy saving, environmental protection and safety.

Induction heating has higher working efficiency than flame heating, high output per unit time, heating efficiency is 30%~50% higher than flame heating, high heating efficiency, and can also effectively reduce metal surface oxide burning loss, saving material and cost. Especially for precious metal heating is more important. For example, under normal circumstances, the heating of metal parts is hot, the metal burning rate of induction heating is about 0.5%, and the metal burning of the furnace is about 1% to 3%, which means that induction heating is less than flame heating. %about.
One of the most prominent advantages of induction heating and flame heating is that induction heating does not produce open flames, eliminates the possibility of dangerous events such as fires and explosions, and greatly improves safety. At the same time, it does not produce exhaust gas such as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, sulfur oxides and soot. The external radiation heat is small, the noise is low, the working environment is purified, and the health level is guaranteed.

Seiko visual design, solid technology, excellence, easy to achieve automatic control


Ultra-high frequency induction heating power supply is of excellent quality, humanized design, simple operation, no need for professional workers, after simple training, it can be operated on the machine, according to the current state of the workpiece being processed, timely and precise automatic control, such as Through analog or digital circuit processing, the power or frequency is adjusted to automatically adjust the workpiece heating temperature or depth to meet the process requirements. Induction heating adjustment is relatively fine, usually by adjusting the phase shift, pulse duty cycle and other parameters to adjust the heating power. Once the heating temperature is determined according to the process requirements, it will be kept at this temperature due to its own negative feedback. Achieve constant power control. The temperature uniformity is good, the temperature difference can be controlled at 1%, and the product quality and the pass rate are improved.

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