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Tool heat treatment process

In general, the heat treatment process is carefully controlled in three steps to give the tool the attributes that are suitable for its final performance. To ensure uniform heating, place the tool on a continuous conveyor belt.
1. Heat the treated object to a high temperature (and then cool to room temperature).
2. Place the object in the freezer to bring the temperature to zero (and then place it back to room temperature).
3, the blade is heated to 350 degrees -960 degrees, the specific temperature depends on the type of steel later.
The tempering process has a great influence on the toughening and hardness scale of steel. After good treatment, the hardness of 420HC can reach 58, ATS-34, BG-42 and S30V hardness can reach 59.5-61. In order to achieve the required performance, some tools have to be processed more than once.
In the current tool processing process, the induction heating process is compared, which has obvious advantages such as energy saving, environmental protection and safety.

Induction heating has higher working efficiency than flame heating, high output per unit time, heating efficiency is 30%~50% higher than flame heating, high heating efficiency, and can also effectively reduce metal surface oxide burning loss, saving material and cost. Especially for precious metal heating is more important. For example, under normal circumstances, the heating of metal parts is hot, the metal burning rate of induction heating is about 0.5%, and the metal burning of the furnace is about 1% to 3%, which means that induction heating is less than flame heating. %about.

One of the most prominent advantages of induction heating and flame heating is that induction heating does not produce open flames, eliminates the possibility of dangerous events such as fires and explosions, and greatly improves safety. At the same time, it does not produce exhaust gas such as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, sulfur oxides and soot. The external radiation heat is small, the noise is low, the working environment is purified, and the health level is guaranteed.
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