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The difference between steel annealing and tempering

Steel annealing and tempering have the same purpose and have different effects.

The key use of annealing is to soften the metal material and enhance the flexibility. The application field is heat treatment of various metals. The tempering is suitable for greatly reducing the brittleness after quenching the steel.
Steel annealing is to heat the steel to the proper temperature for a certain period of time, followed by relatively slow cooling to obtain a heat treatment process close to the equilibrium structure.
The purpose of annealing is to better eliminate some defects of the structure, continuously improve the structure to homogenize the components and refine the grains, enhance the mechanical properties of the steel and reduce the residual stress; at the same time, the hardness and plasticity can be greatly reduced. Flexibility and continuous improvement of machining mechanical properties.
Most of the machine parts and parts and the blanks of the work and the mold can eliminate the internal stress and the structural non-uniformity of the components of the casting, forging and welding parts; the material mechanical properties of the steel can be continuously improved and adjusted. The process is well organized. Annealing can be used as the final heat treatment process for parts with low mechanical properties and less important parts and some general castings and weldments.

What is the difference between steel annealing and tempering?

Steel tempering is a heat treatment process in which the quenched steel is heated to a certain temperature and then cooled to room temperature in an appropriate manner after being kept for a certain period of time.
Steel tempering is the next heat treatment process next to quenching, which determines the microstructure and mechanical properties of the steel under use, and is related to the service life of the workpiece, which is a key process.
The key purpose of tempering is to reduce or eliminate the quenching stress; to ensure the corresponding structural transformation, to stabilize the workpiece size and mechanical properties; to enhance the thermal and plasticity of the steel, to choose different tempering temperatures, to obtain hardness, strength and plasticity. Or the appropriate fit of flexibility to meet the mechanical performance requirements of different workpieces.

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