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Steel tube heat treatment quenching furnace manufacturer

Induction steel tube heat treatment quenching furnace, mainly used in the early stage of the power frequency induction furnace, but with the increasing maturity of the intermediate frequency technology, the medium frequency induction heating furnace has been selected by most manufacturers and recognized by users.
Advantages of steel tube heat treatment quenching furnace: small floor space, low equipment investment, high heating efficiency, simple operation, stable operation and convenient maintenance.
Dongguan Haituo Electromechanical Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of medium frequency induction heating equipment. At present, the heat treatment equipment for steel tubes designed and manufactured by many domestic enterprises is running stably.

The heat treatment quenching furnace designed and manufactured by Haituo Electromechanical Co., Ltd. has the following performance advantages compared with similar products produced by other manufacturers:
1. Continuous heating mode, using multiple power supply multi-point control and heating zone controllable. Real-time temperature closed-loop control can be realized to achieve temperature control accuracy. The back-end power supply can compensate for the uneven temperature of the heating of the steel pipe by a single high-power power supply, thereby ensuring temperature uniformity.
2. The control system can track the parameters of each workpiece during the quenching process and record and store it.
3. The heating temperature can be controlled and the adjustment is flexible, so that the temperature at which the steel pipe is heated can be freely adjusted according to the process.
4. The transmission line has stable transmission and adjustable speed, and the workpiece is heated evenly. The amount of deformation of the workpiece after heating is small.
5. The sensor is easy to disassemble and assemble, and can be adjusted up and down and left and right.
6. The perfect internal spray system can speed up the cooling of the inner hole and improve the quenching quality. Make the inner and outer hardened layers uniform and prevent the inner holes from entering the water.
7. Steel tube heat treatment quenching furnace has the advantages of high automation, low failure rate, complete safety protection facilities, low energy consumption, high efficiency, simple operation, convenient maintenance, and ordinary operators can do the job.

Equipment scope:
The user is required to provide a workpiece specification. The selection of various parameters in the solution (including the rated power and frequency of the intermediate frequency power supply) is designed for the workpiece. If the steel tube heat treatment quenching furnace will increase the specifications, please provide all specifications for the overall consideration and design. Otherwise, the current design can not guarantee the better satisfaction of all the increased heating requirements.
The components of the steel tube heat treatment quenching equipment:
The IF series power supply adopts parallel resonant circuit. Depending on the application, direct output or IF transformer output can be selected. The basic structure consists of:
Composition: medium frequency power supply + capacitor + medium frequency induction coil
This structure is more practical, such as medium frequency forging furnace, medium frequency melting furnace, steel tube heat treatment quenching equipment, etc., which adopts such a structure, has simple equipment, low loss, high work efficiency, and low manufacturing cost.
Since the intermediate frequency power supply is directly output, the voltage on the induction coil is 550V higher and is not isolated from the main power, so the induction coil must be well insulated and cannot be directly exposed;

The medium frequency power supply of the steel tube heat treatment quenching equipment adopts IGBT power device and Haituo electromechanical unique technology variable current control technology---double-regulated variable current control technology based on parallel resonance. In this technology, the power and frequency conversion are independently regulated, and the IGBT switching device and the amorphous inductor are used to form an intermediate frequency chopper circuit to adjust the power. The IGBT parallel resonance and frequency automatic tracking technology are used to obtain an accurate soft switching control inverter process, so that the device The reliability of work under high power is greatly improved, and the equipment has been developed in the field of high power, and the higher equipment duty ratio is realized.

Steel tube heat treatment quenching equipment features:
1. The intermediate frequency power supply adopts parallel resonance on the structure. The control adopts the unique inverter control technology of Haituo Electromechanical, and adopts IGBT as the main power device.
2. The frequency range is large, from 1KHZ to 20KHZ, which can be matched according to the specific heating workpiece size or the depth of heat penetration, and the adaptation range is large.
3. The traditional intermediate frequency parallel resonant structure is adopted, the load matching is simple, the equipment efficiency is high, and the utilization rate is high.
4. Adopting the control technology independently developed by Haituo Electromechanical Co., Ltd., full soft switch precision control, steel tube heat treatment quenching equipment has high reliability and low maintenance rate.

Dongguan Haituo Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of medium and high frequency induction heating equipment developed earlier in China. It is a private enterprise engaged in the research and development, design, manufacturing, sales and service of many experts specializing in induction heating equipment. With a strong technical R & D team, experienced, customized automatic induction heating equipment according to the workpiece and process, free to provide customers with personalized process solutions. As well as a comprehensive after-sales service system in various regions of the country, we have won the trust of many domestic enterprises, and have provided them with experience in quality products and services. Welcome to visit the company.
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