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Shaft induction hardening heat treatment process

What is shaft heat treatment?
The so-called shaft-type induction heat treatment in the industry generally refers to partial quenching of the shaft surface, the material is 45 steel or 40Cr, and the hardness of quenching can set the induction current and heating time according to the diameter of the material.
The depth of the hardened hardness layer depends on the frequency of the induction device and the heating time. The higher the frequency or the shorter the heating time, the lower the hardness layer depth. In the actual production process, there is often a hardness requirement for the center of the shaft, and it is generally required to heat treatment by a professional heat treatment manufacturer, which brings about a short processing cycle and high cost. If induction quenching is used to achieve the specified hardness requirements at the center of the shaft, it is required that the induction equipment must be heated to the center of the shaft and the temperature at the center must be above the critical temperature.

Now take the motor rotor with a diameter of 20mm as an example. The center of the rotor end face of the motor has a sliding long groove. The function of the sliding long groove is to transmit the power of the motor output. If there is no hardness or hardness, it does not meet the specified requirements: 37HRC~ 45HRC, the assembled product will soon lose power due to the failure of the sliding long groove, so the hardness of the sliding long groove directly affects the quality of the whole machine. High induction current, short heating time, high hardness of the shaft extension surface and low core hardness; low induction current, long heating time, high shaft extension surface and core hardness. If the quenching hardness of the rotor shaft is to meet the specified requirements, it must be induced and tempered according to the quenching process. Tempering is to heat the quenched workpiece to a temperature below the critical tempering temperature, keep it for a certain period of time, and then take out the heat treatment process cooled to room temperature. Commonly used tempering methods: low temperature tempering (tempering temperature is 150~250 °C), medium temperature tempering (tempering temperature is 350~500 °C), high temperature tempering (tempering temperature is 500~680 °C).
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