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Research on Energy Loss and Energy Saving Technology of Medium Frequency Melting Furnace

The medium frequency smelting electric furnace is a smelting equipment that uses electromagnetic electromagnetic field induction principle to convert electric energy into heat energy heating and melt and smelt metal raw materials. The natural advantages of the medium frequency electric furnace make it necessary to replace all coal gas smelting equipment such as cupola, which will become gold, silver, aluminum, cast steel, cast iron, and alloy cast iron, tin and other metal smelting and smelting equipment, which will improve the level of smelting and smelting. Smelting accuracy, reducing operator labor intensity and improving production efficiency.
In the smelting and smelting process, the intermediate frequency induction melting furnace converts electrical energy into heat energy by electromagnetic induction, thereby melting the metal material by thermal energy, but in the conversion process of the energy, there are mainly the following energy losses:

(1) The energy consumption of the electromagnetic induction heating coil itself is generally referred to as copper consumption.

(2) Because the furnace body is made of metal material, in the process of converting thermal energy into electric energy, there is also heat loss on the furnace body, which is generally called furnace consumption.

(3) The radiant heat generated during the feeding, melting and discharging of the furnace mouth is generally referred to as radiation loss.

(4) Power distribution equipment also loses energy during power transmission. Generally, it is called additional loss.

Therefore, in the middle frequency induction melting furnace, only 70-74% of the energy is used to smelt and melt the charge material, and the other 30-26% of the energy is basically lost by the above-mentioned way, in which copper consumption The loss is up to 13%, followed by 7% of the furnace consumption, and the rest is the additional loss.
Research on Energy Loss and Energy Saving Technology of Medium Frequency Melting Furnace
In order to effectively solve the above problems, we must adopt the following countermeasures to reduce the power loss of the electric furnace and save energy.

1. Increase the diameter of the induction heating coil and the water-cooled cable, which will greatly reduce its current density, reduce the power loss of the power supply line, and also reduce the working environment temperature of the induction heating coil and water cable, and reduce scale and dirt. produce.

The power consumption of the induction heating coil at t ° C is given by the following formula:
In the above formula, W-induction heating coil power consumption, KW;
I - load current, A;
R—resistance of the induction heating coil at 20 ° C, Ω·m 2.2×10-8;
L—induction heating coil length, m;
A―Induction heating coil cross-sectional area, m2;
P20 - resistivity at 20 ° C copper, Ω · mm2 · m-1;
The temperature coefficient of resistance of α-electrolytic copper is 4.3×10-3/°C.

2, reduce the temperature of the water circulation system, it is necessary to equip with a chiller or cold water tower. In the induction melting furnace, during the melting process, the temperature of the induction heating coil and the water-cooled cable rises, and the resistance of the induction heating coil and the water-cooled cable increases as the temperature rises, resulting in an increase in power consumption.

The relationship between resistance and temperature is:
In the above formula: RT - the resistance value of the coil when the temperature rises to T ° C, Ω;
The resistance value of electrolytic copper at R20--20 °C, 1.75×10-8 Ω;
Α-electrolytic copper temperature coefficient of resistance, 4.3 × 10-3 / ° C;

3. Reduce the adverse effects of scale and dirt on the actual cooling effect of the water circulation system. We use pure water for water cooling, which prevents the deposition of various metal salts in the water on the water-cooled heat-dissipating pipes at high temperatures, resulting in scale fouling with extremely poor thermal conductivity. Scale dirt is deposited on the inner wall of the pipeline, resulting in a reduction in the cross-sectional area of ​​the circulating water pipeline and affecting the water flow velocity.

4 power transformer

The output voltage on the side is between 660 and 800V. When the output voltage is 650V and the output power is constant, then the operating current of the intermediate frequency induction furnace will be reduced to 0.6 times compared with the original 380V, and the copper loss will be reduced to 1/3 of the original, reducing the heat of the transformer itself. Loss, the resistance of the transformer coil will also rise when it is working at high temperature, the burden of the heat dissipation system is reduced, the operating temperature of the system is reduced, and the actual effect of energy saving and consumption reduction is very obvious.
In addition, when the medium-frequency electric furnace has a long idle time, it can pull off the power supply and stop the empty operation of the power transformer, which is also conducive to energy saving.
5 furnace shell

Because of its durability, high efficiency, high productivity, low noise, and easy inspection and maintenance, the steel shell furnace has achieved rapid development in recent years. The magnetic wire of the steel shell furnace has shielding and reflection on the magnetic lines generated by the coil. It can reduce magnetic flux leakage, improve productivity, and save energy by 5 to 10%. Steel shell furnaces have a longer service life of more than 10 years.
The energy saving and consumption reduction of the medium frequency induction melting electric furnace is a systematic project. It requires our engineers and technicians to systematically summarize and renovate for a long time, comprehensively utilize all aspects of technical methods, and integrate the energy saving and consumption reduction technology and improve the management level. In this way, we can get immediate results and achieve good results in energy-saving retrofits.

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