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Reasonable use of induction heating equipment to reduce heat treatment deformation of workpiece

Other influencing factors of deformation and reduction measures
1. preliminary heat treatment
If the normalizing hardness is too high, mixed crystals, a large amount of sorbite or Wei's structure will increase the deformation of the inner hole, so the forgings should be treated by temperature-controlled normalizing or isothermal annealing. The normalizing and annealing of the metal and the quenching and tempering before quenching will have a certain influence on the final deformation of the metal, which directly affects the change of the metal structure. Practice has proved that the use of isothermal (grading) quenching during normalizing can effectively make the metal structure tend to be uniform, thereby reducing the amount of deformation.

2. Use reasonable cooling methods
The effect of the cooling process on the deformation of the metal after quenching is also an important cause of deformation. In the case of hardening, the hot oil quenching is smaller than the quenching deformation of the cold oil, and is generally controlled at 100±20 °C. The cooling capacity of the oil is also critical to deformation. Both the quenching mode and the speed affect the deformation. The faster the metal heat treatment cooling process is processed by the induction heating device, the more uneven the cooling, the greater the stress generated, and the greater the deformation of the mold. Pre-cooling can be used as much as possible under the premise of ensuring the hardness requirement of the mold; using graded cooling quenching can significantly reduce the thermal stress and microstructure stress generated during quenching of metal, and is an effective method for reducing the deformation of some complex shapes; for some special or For workpieces with higher precision requirements, isothermal (or stepwise) quenching can significantly reduce deformation.
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