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Quenching and tempering treatment|Steel steel round quenching and tempering

Quenching and tempering treatment|Steel steel round quenching and tempering

Quenching and tempering is a comprehensive heat treatment process of quenching and high temperature tempering. Most of the tempering parts work under a relatively large dynamic load, they carry the role of stretching, compression, bending, torsion or shearing, and some surface layers are also resistant to friction and require a certain degree of wear resistance. and many more. All in all, the parts work under a variety of composite stresses. Such components are mainly used for structural parts of various machines and mechanisms, such as shafts, connecting rods, bolts, gears, etc., and are widely used in the manufacturing industries such as machine tools, automobiles and tractors. Especially for large and medium-sized parts in the manufacture of heavy machinery and equipment, more and more quenching and tempering treatments are used. Therefore, quenching and tempering treatment plays a very important role in heat treatment.

According to the working conditions of the parts and the need to ensure the performance of the parts, if the quenching and tempering treatment is determined, the problem of steel for the tempering parts should be considered first. Usually the following points must be noted as appropriate:

1. In terms of process performance, in addition to good forgeability and machinability, the most important is hardenability. Because the properties of steel are determined by the microstructure of the steel, and the microstructure of the steel is directly related to its hardenability. Practice has proved that steel has the best comprehensive mechanical properties after complete hardening and proper tempering. When the parts are completely hardened, whether carbon steel or alloy steel is tempered to the same hardness, the tensile strength, yield strength and fatigue strength are basically the same.

2. In terms of mechanical properties, after the steel has been quenched and tempered, the performance should be able to meet the performance requirements of the parts. According to the mechanical properties of most tempering parts, the performance index is as follows. Σb: 600 to 1200 MPa. Σs : 320-800 MPa. . Σs/σb : 50-60% σ-1 : 380-620 MPa. δ : 10-20% ψ : 40-50%
Brinell hardness 170-320HB

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