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Process advantages and applications of medium and high frequency induction heating quenching equipment

Induction heating equipment heat treatment new technology and new technology began to be widely used at home and abroad, this heat treatment new technology and new technology using induction coil electromagnetic induction heating steel parts is a very novel and impressive equipment, it has fast heating, irregular quenching, energy saving and environmental protection , online production and processing, convenient mechanical automation and other characteristics, quickly accepted by the quenching annealing heat treatment plant. Induction heating surface quenching is a relatively good type of surface quenching method and, therefore, has received widespread attention and widespread use.
Process advantages and applications of medium and high frequency induction heating quenching equipment
Compared with the traditional heat treatment, it has the following advantages.
(1) Induction heating is directly heated by the internal heat source, and the heat loss is small, so the heating is faster and the heat efficiency is high.
(2) In the whole process of heating, because the heating time is short, the surface of the parts is less oxidized and decarburized, and the failure rate of parts is extremely low compared with other heat treatments.
(3) After the induction heating and quenching, the surface hardness of the parts is high, the core maintains good plasticity and flexibility, and exhibits low L] sensitivity, so the impact toughness, fatigue strength and wear resistance are greatly improved. .
(4) The induction heating device is compact, takes up little space, and is very simple to use (ie, easy to operate).
(5) The production process is environmentally friendly, no high temperature operation, and the working conditions of workers are good.

New technology and process for induction heat treatment are used for quenching various workpieces as follows:
1. Full-length induction hardening of the rail
Tens of full-length medium-frequency quenching production lines have been used at home and abroad, which has more than doubled the service life of the rail. This technology has been applied to other parts of the railway, such as ballasts and wing rails.

2, PC building steel production technology
At home and abroad, the application of PC steel bar induction hardening technology from single frequency development trend to dual frequency, from single line production and processing development trend to two-line production and processing, energy consumption indicators continue to decrease, a company's energy consumption of φ7 ~ φ13.5mm building steel Has reached 304kW·h/t

3, steel pipe butt weld induction hardening
This processing technology mainly eliminates the butt weld stress and homogenize the structure, and prevents the hard point in the segregation zone from affecting the service life of the steel pipe. Many enterprises at home and abroad have engaged in this industry, and the vast majority of all equipments are domestic and foreign technology applications.

4. Induction hardening of automotive parts
Automobile CVJ bell-shaped shell, three-column sliding sleeve, wheel inner raceway and many other parts induction and quenching equipment and processing technology are all localized turnkey new projects. Such domestic components can meet the needs of the rapid development of the domestic automotive industry and are more self-sufficient.

5, roll double frequency induction hardening
At home and abroad, we have been able to manufacture dual-frequency power supply and quenching equipment. The double-frequency quenching of rolls has been carried out in many metallurgical industrial plants. The tooling quenching spray ring has been improved and applied.

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