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New medium frequency furnace features and advantages

The technological innovation has promoted the development of the economy. For the forging industry, the traditional heating process has been gradually eliminated, and replaced by a new medium frequency furnace. So what are the advantages of the new medium frequency furnace? What are the characteristics? This article will introduce you in detail.

Intermediate frequency furnace

It is a power supply device that converts the power frequency 50HZ alternating current into an intermediate frequency (300HZ or more to 1000HZ), converts the three-phase power frequency alternating current into a direct current, and then converts the direct current into an adjustable intermediate frequency current, which is supplied by the capacitor and the induction. The intermediate frequency alternating current flowing in the coil generates high-density magnetic lines in the induction coil, and cuts the metal material contained in the induction coil to generate a large eddy current in the metal material.

Intermediate frequency furnace

The advantages of the intermediate frequency furnace are as follows:

1. Uniform heating, high temperature control accuracy, uniform heating, ensuring small temperature difference of the heating core table, and precise control of temperature through the temperature control system to ensure product repeatability.

2. Low energy consumption, no pollution, high heating efficiency, compared with other heating methods, effectively reducing energy consumption, high labor productivity, no pollution, equipment meets environmental protection requirements.

3. Easy replacement of induction furnace body According to the different dimensions of the workpiece, it is necessary to configure different induction furnace bodies. Each furnace body is designed with water and electricity quick-change joints, which makes the furnace body replacement simple, fast and convenient.

5. Complete equipment protection The whole machine is equipped with water temperature, water pressure, phase loss, overvoltage, overcurrent, voltage limiting/current limiting, starting overcurrent, constant current and buffer starting, which makes the equipment start smoothly, reliable and rapid protection, stable operation. .

6. Fast heating speed, less oxidative decarburization. The principle of induction heating of medium frequency furnace is electromagnetic induction. The heat is generated by the workpiece itself. The heating method has fast heating speed, little oxidation, high heating efficiency and good process repeatability. The surface is only slightly discolored, and a slight polishing will restore the surface to a mirror finish, resulting in consistent and consistent material properties.

The intermediate frequency furnace has the following characteristics:

1, using IGBT frequency conversion stepless adjustment, can work continuously for 24 hours.

2. The operation process is simple and the smelting operation is reliable.

3, the highest temperature of 2600 is suitable for melting gold, K gold, silver, copper, aluminum and other metals and their alloys.

4. The device is small in size, light in weight, high in efficiency and low in power consumption.

5. The melting temperature is fast, the furnace temperature is easy to control, and the production efficiency is high.

6, it has its own electromagnetic stirring function, it is easier to obtain a highly uniform metal liquid.

7. The furnace has high utilization rate and convenient replacement.

8. The furnace body can be dumped for easy pouring and pouring.

9. The control cabinet adopts full digital circuit control, with low failure rate and convenient adjustment.

10. The insert on the control panel is made of gold-plated parts, which has firm contact and long service life.

11. The connecting piece of the control board adopts a pull-out insert, which is very convenient to replace the control board.

12. Enhanced monitoring and diagnosis system with over-current, over-voltage, water shortage, over-heating and other protection functions. When an equipment electrical fault occurs, the external circuit can be disconnected instantly and effectively, ensuring high stability, reliability and safety of the machine. .

The new energy-saving medium-frequency induction heating diathermy forging furnace produced by Haituo can be used for continuous diathermy of regular round bars, square materials or other shape hair defects such as steel, stainless steel, copper and aluminum with diameter Φ12-80Φ; standard In the industry, stud heads are thick, nut forming, valve and lock industry copper parts thermoforming, etc.; can be used for overall heating of materials, but also for local heating of materials, such as end heating, heating in the middle part. Seiko visual design, solid technology, excellence, easy to achieve automatic control

The heating forging furnace has excellent quality, humanized design, simple operation, no need for professional workers, and can be operated on the machine after simple training. According to the current state of the workpiece to be processed, timely and precise automatic control can be carried out, such as by simulation or Digital circuit processing, adjusting power or frequency, automatic adjustment of workpiece heating temperature or depth to meet process requirements. Induction heating adjustment is relatively fine, usually by adjusting the phase shift, pulse duty cycle and other parameters to adjust the heating power. Once the heating temperature is determined according to the process requirements, it will be kept at this temperature due to its own negative feedback. Achieve constant power control. The temperature uniformity is good, the temperature difference can be controlled at 1%, and the product quality and the pass rate are improved.
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