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Misunderstanding analysis of quenching annealing heat treatment

Heat treatment is an important process in our forging industry, and many of our heat-treated counterparts will encounter a variety of product problems. Today, the Haituo Power Plant is based on some examples of heat treatment misunderstandings that have been experienced by an old heat treatment plant manager for many years. They are all real problems encountered at work. Share it for your reference, I hope to bring you help!
1. Does the workpiece that is quenched must be warmed and tempered?
This kind of practice is not advisable. It is necessary to determine the temperature before the tempering after quenching according to the martensite transformation point of the steel grade! In order to prevent quenching and cracking, it is impossible to add speculation, and the method of warming with tempering is generalized!
2. After annealing my product, after one week, can you heat treat the quenching?
Individual bosses claim to have the secret to improve the life of the mold! What is his secret? To find out what is happening, it is actually required that the heat treatment person does not perform the quenching and tempering treatment immediately after the annealing treatment. The mold must be placed at room temperature for a week between annealing and quenching! Say yes: release annealing stress! This reason does not know which expert can give answers? ! It’s really no big deal in the world!


3. The product size processing has been completed, and the heat treatment is required to ensure no deformation.
In order to save product processing costs, some people finish all the processing before heat treatment, and then heat-treating and quenching. The heat treatment is required to ensure that there is no deformation during the heat treatment, or that only the amount of deformation is allowed within the tolerance value of the last cold working! The process of heat treatment is essentially a stage of tissue deformation, and the accumulation of deformation on the microscopic level. Who can guarantee that it will not be represented as a dimensional deformation at the macroscopic level? In order to save his own expenses and pass the problem on to the heat treaters, are these people "smart"? !
4. Does the heat treated product have no hardness?
Many companies that have commissioned products to process products have learned to require incoming inspections. Since the leaders have made this request, the guys have been treated with the same, and they have to buy a Rockwell hardness tester and put them in the factory. The heat-treated product began to be inspected. These are unquestionable, but they are always failing to inspect the heat-treated products! This can be a bad job for the heat treatment company. How come? Clearly understand that it is qualified to leave the factory, how to get to the user is not qualified? The company can't solve it. The heat treatment company takes it seriously and urgently sends people to deal with it! You never know the full extent of things until you see them! It turns out that they do not remove the decarburized layer of the heat-treated product (the processing allowance is sufficient to ensure that the decarburized layer does not remain after processing), and the HRC hardness is directly applied to the surface of the workpiece! How can this be high hardness?
My god! Who is this who is not trusting?
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