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Medium frequency forging furnace has advantages for metal forging

In a certain temperature range, the metal material will increase in plasticity as the temperature rises, and the deformation resistance will decrease. With a small deformation force, the blank can be stably changed in shape without cracking, so the workpiece is heated during forging. For metal forging heating, pay attention to the heating temperature. Generally, the heating temperature of carbon steel is between 1200 and 800.

The medium frequency diathermy furnaces are all based on the principle of medium frequency induction heating. They are widely used in pre-forging heating of large metal workpieces, heat penetration, heating of auto parts, bolt heating, heating before red punching of fasteners, due to their low operating frequency, heating After the completion, the workpiece is evenly permeable and has less scale, which is a good device for replacing coke and gas heating. The whole set of induction heating equipment includes medium frequency power supply, medium frequency compensation capacitor and induction coil. If it is used for pipeline production or forging heating of small workpieces, it can be added with pneumatic feeding mechanism and automatic feeding.
Advantages of medium frequency forging heating equipment:
The forging heating equipment is mainly for inductive heating of metals (non-contact); the inverter components used are generally controlled by thyristors, vacuum tubes, etc.; the technology of using thyristors as inverter components, the power can be hundreds of Above KW, but the frequency is generally below 10KHZ. When the vacuum tube is used as the inverter component, the frequency and power can be made very high, but the power consumption is too large and it is easy to be damaged. IGBT and MOS tube are a kind of component in the new application of the industry, which can replace thyristor and vacuum tube respectively. The IF forging heating equipment produced by Yuantuo Electromechanical Co., Ltd. all adopts the new IGBT as the main circuit component. It can achieve the most energy-saving, voltage regulation, power adjustment, fast heating, small size, safety, easy installation and operation, and easy automation. Join and so on.

Performance and characteristics of medium frequency forging furnace:
1. Fast heating: the temperature required for heat treatment of the workpiece within 1 second;
2, wide heating: can heat metal parts of different specifications and types;
3, easy to install: connect the intermediate frequency power supply and induction coil and the inlet and outlet water pipe forging heating equipment can be used;
4, the effect is good: non-contact heating, more uniform heat of the workpiece;
5, the temperature rises quickly, the heating speed is fast, the workpiece has less oxide layer, and there is no waste after heating;
6, power adjustable: stepless adjustment of output power;
7, protection: full of over-voltage, over-current, overheating, water shortage and other alarm indications, and automatic control and protection.
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