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Medium and high frequency induction heating machine electromagnetic coil characteristics

Medium and high frequency induction heating machine electromagnetic coil characteristics

1. Thick-walled copper tube electromagnetic induction coil will provide more heating energy conversion

The thick-walled copper tube electromagnetic induction coil has a larger current-carrying cross-section than the other cross-section induction coils, so the coil resistance is low, more energy conversion can be used for heating, and since the thickness of the surrounding walls is evenly distributed, Therefore, its strength is higher than that of the inductive coil structure with uneven distribution of the tube wall and thinner tube wall. That is to say, the inductance coil of this type is not easy to be destroyed by arc discharge and expansion.

2. The open gap between the turns of the electromagnetic coil improves the electrical efficiency, reduces the water vapor through repeated practice, and the gap between the turns of the electromagnetic coil we designed and designed, so as to improve the efficiency of the current carrying of the inductor, and The water vapor in the coil material is relatively easy to volatilize. In the furnace body of the void-free electromagnetic induction coil, a common problem is that the inductor coil is often adversely affected by the electromagnetic field of the adjacent inductor coil, and the impedance is increased from the surface.

3, the concept of inductor coil design

The electromagnetic coil is the heart of the induction furnace. The electromagnetic coil generates a strong electromagnetic field under the action of current. This electromagnetic field causes eddy currents in the furnace to generate heat. Inductor coils are the key to converting electrical energy into heat, so the design of the inductor coil is critical. The induction coil of the furnace is combined with the actual use of the induction furnace. According to the principle of electromagnetic field, the best solution determined by the calculation of computer professional software, using the latest inductive coil anti-winding technology (double electromagnetic induction coil in parallel), better The electromagnetic field is concentrated to increase the stirring force of the electromagnetic field. The design of the electromagnetic coil is less than 5% of the actual operating power. The insulation of the inductor coil, especially the inter-turn insulation, is ensured by an advanced insulation method. The special clamping technology is used. It can effectively reduce the axial vibration of the inductor.
4, the open bottom of the furnace reduces the water cooling ring to extend the life of the coil
Good cooling of the coil not only provides better insulation and thermal properties, but also improves the life of the coil. In order to achieve this purpose, the furnace design is designed with a cooling ring at the top and bottom, so that water can only The purpose of uniformly distributing the coil temperature, and reducing the thermal expansion. Due to the low heat consumption, the high-strength copper cooling ring greatly improves the efficiency of the electric furnace.
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