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Main performance requirements of induction heating power supply

Induction heating power supply is the thermal energy source of induction heating equipment, which is the core component to ensure the normal operation of induction heating. For this reason, the performance of induction heating power supply has some requirements.

There are several main requirements for performance requirements:
1. Reliability requirements. The reliability specification of the induction heating power supply, the reliability index can be measured by the MTBF of the mean time between failures. The average trouble-free working time must not be less than 3000h.
2. Safety requirements. Induction heating power supplies should meet safety standards for standards or product specifications.
3. Maintainability requirements.

Inductive heating power supplies with good maintainability should have the following characteristics:
1. The power supply should be designed with fault self-diagnosis function. When the power supply fails, it should be able to diagnose the fault phenomenon and location in time according to the alarm display.
2. The functional composition of the intermediate frequency power supply should be standardized, modular, and integrated. When the power supply fails, people who do not need high technical level can replace the faulty components in a short period, eliminate the faults and ensure that the power supply is put into operation in time.
3, the average fault repair time MTTR <30min
4, high cost performance requirements and low use and maintenance costs. The high cost performance of induction heating power supply is the goal pursued by both manufacturers and users, and it is an important issue that must be paid attention to in the market economy.
5. Environmental adaptability requirements. Mainly refers to the requirements of ambient temperature, humidity, altitude requirements and the degree of cleanliness of the surrounding environment, as well as the requirements for the quality of the grid power supply.
6, high power density. To achieve high power density requirements, reasonable design must be carried out, using advanced switching circuit technology and correct application of raw materials to reduce power loss.
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