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Machine tool spindle quenching equipment High frequency induction quenching furnace

In addition to those who often work with machine tools in the factory, I believe many people don't know how machine tools work. The operation of the machine tool is inseparable from the spindle. This spindle is capable of rotating the workpiece and the tool. From the quenching diagram of the machine tool spindle, this is just a whole name, which is generally composed of a spindle, a bearing and a transmission.

Machine tool spindle

The machine tool spindle refers to the axis on the machine that drives the workpiece or the tool to rotate. The main shaft components are usually composed of a main shaft, a bearing and a transmission member (gear or pulley). In the machine is mainly used to support transmission parts such as gears, pulleys, transfer motion and torque, such as machine tool spindles; some are used to clamp workpieces, such as mandrels. Most machine tools have spindle components, except for machine tools such as planers and broaching machines, where the main motion is linear. The motion accuracy and structural rigidity of the spindle components are important factors in determining the machining quality and cutting efficiency.

 Machine tool spindle quenching equipment High frequency induction quenching furnace
Machine tool spindle quenching equipment performance indicators

The indicators that Haituo Electromechanical measures the performance of the spindle components are mainly the accuracy of rotation, stiffness and speed. 1 Rotational accuracy: The radial and axial runout that occurs in the direction of the machining accuracy when the spindle rotates is mainly determined by the manufacturing and assembly quality of the spindle and the bearing. 2 Dynamic and static stiffness: mainly determined by the bending stiffness of the main shaft, the stiffness and damping of the bearing. 3 speed adaptability: The maximum speed and speed range allowed are mainly determined by the structure and lubrication of the bearing, as well as the heat dissipation conditions.


Processing route

The quenching process of Haituo Electromechanical is: blanking → preparation forging blank → normalizing → mechanical roughing → quenching and tempering → mechanical semi-finishing car outer circle + drilling center hole + milling key groove → partial quenching of cone hole and outer cone, Tempering→Each empty sipe + rough grinding (outer circle, cone hole, outer cone) + hobbing spline → spline induction hardening, tempering → fine grinding (outer circle, cone hole, outer cone) .
Machine tool spindle quenching equipment High frequency induction quenching furnace

  Heat treatment process analysis Steel heat treatment process is mainly divided into: quenching, tempering, normalizing, annealing. The quenching of steel is to heat the steel to a critical temperature (Ac3 or Ac1). After austenitizing for a certain period of time, it is cooled by a cooling rate higher than the street cooling temperature, and the supercooled austenite is transformed into martensite or bainite. A process of organization. The tempering process is based on the chemical composition of the part material, the quenching structure, the geometry of the part, the holding time and the cooling method. Generally, after quenching, the corresponding tempering treatment must be carried out to achieve the following aspects: (1) improving hardness and wear resistance (2) improving toughness (3) improving hard magnetic properties (4) improving elasticity (5) Improving the Corrosion Resistance and Heat Resistance The heat treatment process of heating, warming and cooling metals and alloys to bring their structures to or near equilibrium is called annealing or normalizing. Annealing is generally slow-cooling in the furnace. Normalizing is generally air-cooled. It is mainly used for blanks or semi-finished products of various cast-forged workpieces to eliminate defects in metallurgical and thermal processing, and is well prepared for future machining and heat treatment. Organizational status.

I believe that the above is about the introduction of the machine tool spindle and the schematic diagram of the machine tool spindle quenching that can be presented to everyone, so that people who want to know the machine spindle more clearly can get the ideal consultation.
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