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Introduction to the process and role of brazing equipment

What are the uses of brazing equipment? Brazing equipment is the working principle. Welders believe that everyone has heard it, and there are many kinds of electric welding equipment in their hands, such as dry welding, oxygen welding, etc. Introduced is brazing, which does not require manual handling, but the product is brazed in the machine.


What is the welding equipment:

The main types of Haituo electromechanical welding equipment are electric welders, flame welding equipment and other welding equipment. Among them are mainly electric welders, which include the following:

(1) Arc welding machine, which is divided into manual arc welding machine (arc welding transformer, arc welding rectifier and arc welding generator), submerged arc welding machine and gas shielded arc welding machine (non-melting gas shielded welding machine and melting) Extreme gas shielded welder).

(2) Resistance welding machine, which is divided into spot welding machine, projection welding machine, seam welding machine and butt welding machine.

(3) Other electric welding machines, such as electroslag welding machines, plasma arc welding machines, high frequency welding machines, electron beam welding machines, beam welding machines, ultrasonic welding machines, friction welding machines, cold welding machines, brazing machines, etc.


The process and function of brazing equipment:

The selection of welding equipment is an important part of the development of the welding process, and there are many factors involved, but the following factors should be noted.

1. Technical requirements for welded structures

The technical requirements of the welded structure include the material properties, structural characteristics, dimensions, accuracy requirements, and structural conditions of the structure to be welded.

If the welded structural material is ordinary low carbon steel, the arc welding transformer can be used; if the welding structure is required to be high and the low hydrogen type welding rod is required to be welded, the DC arc welding machine should be selected.

If it is a thick piece of welding, an electroslag welder can be used; if it is a bar butt joint, a cold butt welder and a resistance butt welder can be used. For active metals or alloys, heat-resistant alloys and corrosion-resistant alloys, inert gas shielded welders, plasma arc welders, electron beam welders, etc. may be used depending on the specific conditions.

For high-volume construction and fixed-size welded structures, special welders are available.

2. The actual use of Haituo electromechanical

Different welding equipment can weld the same weldment, which is to select the appropriate welding equipment according to the actual use.

If there is a lack of flooding power and gas source during field welding, only arc welding generators such as diesel (steam) oil DC arc welding generators can be selected as welding equipment.

For precision weldments that are not allowed to be reworked or heat treated after welding, electron beam welders with concentrated energy, no need to add filler metal materials, less heat affected zone, and high precision should be selected.

3. Economic benefits

When welding, the energy consumption of the welding equipment is considerable. When selecting welding equipment, it should be considered to use welding equipment with less power consumption and high power factor as far as possible while meeting the process requirements.

With this brazing equipment, there is no need to use manual intervention, which not only saves manpower, but also increases productivity and output, so the current brazing is purchased by many production plants.
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