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Introduction and price of Haituo quenching furnace

Quenching furnaces have a great role in the industry and can heat treat some harder metals. In order to help everyone understand the quenching furnace, the sales staff of Haituo Electromechanical Co., Ltd. will tell you about the price of quenching furnace. What are the conditions for using the quenching furnace?
I. Introduction to the quenching furnace

The quenching furnace is a furnace that is heated before the workpiece is quenched. Quenching is to put the workpiece into the furnace and heat it to the quenching temperature above the critical point for a period of time. Then, the workpiece is quickly taken out of the furnace and quenched into the quenching liquid (oil or water). The heat source of the furnace can be powered and fueled, and the temperature can be measured with a thermocouple. With electric and gas, liquid fuel stoves, the meter can be used to automatically control and regulate the temperature.

Second, the use conditions of the quenching furnace

1. Indoor use.

2. The ambient temperature is in the range of –5 °C to 40 °C.

3. The average monthly relative humidity of the area used is not more than 85%, and the average temperature of the month is not higher than 30 °C.

4. There are no conductive dust, explosive gas and corrosive gas that can seriously damage metal and insulation.

5. No obvious vibration and bumps.

Third, the price of quenching furnace

Mainly by model and configuration! How much is the price of heat treatment quenching furnace? Mainly depends on the specific equipment model you purchase, the equipment with more advanced technology and higher output is naturally higher, just like the high heat treatment quenching furnace under the output. Higher than the average equipment price, the same series of high output will be more expensive than the output, this point users need to be rational, detailed quotation equipment, please call Dongguan Haituo Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd., professional technical engineer for your free program design And quotes.

Regarding the price of the quenching furnace, what are the conditions for using the quenching furnace?

Regarding the price of quenching furnace, what are the conditions for quenching furnace? Haituo Electromechanical Sales has made a summary introduction to you through your own experience, and hopes to help you solve the current problem!
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