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Induction heating equipment can help you reduce production costs

Most of our heat treatment manufacturers want to have a low-input, high-yield equipment. These are in real life, but they are unlikely. Although sometimes we can't exchange high profits at low cost, we can work hard to reduce costs and improve their economic efficiency. Induction heating equipment is one such device that can help heat treatment companies reduce their production costs.

Induction heating equipment How does it reduce the cost of the enterprise? We will wait and see. Conventional equipment often produces exhaust gas to pollute the air when heat treatment of the workpiece. Some manufacturers need to use some equipment to purify the air in order to reduce pollution. The induction heating equipment does not generate noise and dust during work, and does not pollute the environment. The investment invested by enterprises in purification equipment reduces the production cost of enterprises.

Second, the induction heating device is small in size and uses IGBT module, which is very energy-saving and energy-saving. It saves 30% of electricity compared with the tube type and 20% of the power consumption of the thyristor medium frequency, which reduces the investment for the enterprise.

Third, the workpiece is heat treated by induction heating equipment, and the scrap rate is reduced compared with the conventional equipment, which reduces the production cost of the enterprise. Induction heating equipment has made an important contribution to reducing business costs and is welcomed by many companies.
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