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Induction heating equipment IGBT power supply function

Induction heating equipment is widely used in metal heat treatment, quenching, annealing, heat permeable, smelting, welding processing; using the induced current generated by the medium frequency magnetic field causes the conductor to heat itself to heat.

Compared with furnace heating, combustion heating or electric heating wire heating, induction heating equipment has the advantages of remarkable energy saving, non-contact, high speed, simple process and easy automation.

The intermediate frequency power supply is mainly composed of a rectifying unit, an inverting unit, a resonant output unit, and a sensor. The rectifying unit converts the power frequency three-phase AC voltage into a DC voltage; the inverter unit converts the electric energy into an intermediate frequency electric energy of several thousand to hundreds of kilohertz; the resonant output unit is connected to the inverter at one end, and is connected to the inductor at the other end, through isolation and impedance. Matching, a method of resonance produces a strong intermediate frequency current in the inductor. When heated, the inductor induces a mid-frequency current in the workpiece, so the conductor is quickly heated.

In the early induction heating equipment, the high-frequency inverter device required by the inverter unit determined the form of the device, and it experienced the development process from the electron tube and the thyristor to the current widespread adoption of the IGBT.
In the current mainstream IGBT induction heating equipment, there are still many differences in circuit and structure. From the rectifier unit, there are controllable rectification mode and uncontrollable rectification mode; from the inverter unit, there are pulse width modulation inverter mode and chopper voltage regulation inverter mode; from the resonance output unit, there are parallel resonance mode and series resonance mode. Various circuits and structures vary in efficiency, power factor, reliability, and the like.
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