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Induction hardening process for construction machinery parts

The basic principle of induction heating quenching Induction heating is mainly based on the three basic principles of electromagnetic induction, skin effect and heat conduction. When the alternating current passes through the conductor, an induced current is generated in the conductor under the action of the alternating magnetic field formed. The current intensity in the conductor is exponentially attenuated from the surface to the center, and the current is concentrated on a thin layer adjacent to the outer surface of the conductor. This phenomenon is called the alternating current skin effect. Induction hardening is the use of this skin effect to quickly heat and quench the surface of the workpiece.
Process characteristics Induction heating is one of the most commonly used surface heating and quenching methods. It is widely used in the automotive industry and equipment manufacturing industry to improve and improve the strength and resistance of the surface layers of medium carbon steel, medium carbon alloy steel and high carbon steel workpieces. Grindability and maintain high toughness in the heart. The induction heating quenching heating speed is fast, and the surface layer quenching can be realized without the need of integral heating, and has the advantages of short heating time, small deformation of the workpiece, easy mechanization and automation of the process. If the paste or alloy powder containing the infiltrating element is applied to the surface of the workpiece in advance, the local surface chemical heat treatment or surface alloying treatment of the workpiece can be realized, so the induction heating is widely used. Induction heating equipment is divided into power frequency, intermediate frequency, audio and high frequency according to the power frequency. It can be applied to the surface quenching of workpieces with different hardened layer depth requirements.

Application of induction hardening in foreign construction machinery industry Construction machinery such as bulldozers, their working conditions are very bad. In order to ensure the service life of parts, it is necessary to improve their mechanical properties such as strength, fatigue limit and wear resistance; to meet the performance requirements of parts, you should choose the right materials and heat treatment, and consider reducing the cost of parts. Induction hardening has the characteristics of high efficiency and low cost. Many parts of the construction machinery that are subject to bending, torsion and contact fatigue are quite suitable and very effective. Induction hardening has been widely used in the construction machinery industry abroad.


Typical parts for induction hardening include track chain links, track pins, final drive gears, drive shafts, and more. The track chain link and the drive shaft are made of boron-containing carbon steel, and the track pin and the final drive gear are made of carbon steel with higher manganese content. These parts are deep induction heating and quenching, and the purpose is to improve wear resistance, strength and Fatigue limit. The inductive heating power used is 15-300 kW. The frequency of the induced current is selected to be 1 kHz, 3 kHz, and 10 kHz, depending on the hardened depth of each component.


Induction hardening is an important heat treatment method widely used in local surface strengthening of transmission parts to improve its surface wear resistance and load carrying capacity, and to accurately control the depth and microstructure of the hardened layer. Through the development and excavation of induction quenching equipment and process technology, strengthen the standardization construction, fully apply the process characteristics of induction quenching, enhance the strengths and avoid weaknesses, better compensate for the lack of carburizing and other surface strengthening processes, and promote the overall development of the industry, the prospects are very optimistic.
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