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Induction hardening heat treatment process for side wheel support shaft

The wheel support shaft is a large-scale heavy-duty outer-circle variable-section induction hardening part. Its material is imported from Europe (part material according to European standard), its composition is close to domestic 35G steel, and the heat treatment requirements are very strict. The depth of the hardened layer is required to be deep, and the depth of the hardened layer at different sections is different, and a continuous transition is required at the step. After the quenching heating and cooling system returns to the starting working position after completing a working procedure, the repeated positioning accuracy error can not exceed 0.05mm, the moving speed of the system should be even and stable, and the positioning can be accurately positioned at different positions. The area works at different specified speeds to ensure that the depth of the hardened layer in the transition zone of different sections and dimensions of the workpiece meets the process requirements, and the product quality is continuous, stable and reliable.
Induction hardening equipment is the premise of ensuring quality. In the normal production process, the influence of human factors on product quality should be reduced as much as possible, that is, the degree of automation should be high, and the mature processes and parameters of different workpieces should be permanently stored and called at any time. The cross section of the inductor is beveled. When the bottom of the inductor is mounted as close as possible to the annular surface of the workpiece, the inner diameter of the inductor is also larger than the conventional size, making it slightly away from the cylindrical area. Properly staying the sensor, due to the dual effects of heat conduction and weak induction, the transition zone between the annular zone and the cylindrical zone is heated; after that, the inductor moves along the cylindrical zone toward the spline zone, and according to the depth requirement of the hardened layer, Different moving speeds and heating powers are set and cooled to obtain the desired hardened layer.
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