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Induction hardening cooling technology

Induction hardening technology has been widely recognized for its advantages of fast heating speed, high production efficiency, energy conservation, environmental protection, easy mechanization and automation, and has been widely used in the mechanical manufacturing industry, especially in the automotive industry. For a long time, people have paid enough attention to the heating technology in induction hardening, and have done a lot of work (such as sensor structure design and process parameter research (frequency, power, heating time, etc.), and achieved good results, people can Obtain an ideal heat shape and a suitable quenching temperature. However, the cooling technology is often not very concerned or even ignored. Therefore, some quenching process quality problems such as insufficient hardness, uneven hardness, quenching cracks, etc. occur. In this paper, some suggestions and peer discussions are made on the cooling technology in induction hardening.

Why is rapid cooling after induction hardening? Induction hardening is generally used for surface layer quenching of mechanical parts. Induction heating is used to rapidly heat the surface layer of a part of the steel part to the quenching temperature, and then rapidly quench the quenching (generally spray cooling quenching) to obtain a high hardness martensite structure. However, due to the slow heating rate of other heating methods, surface layer heating cannot be obtained, and it is more difficult to achieve rapid cooling, and surface layer quenching cannot be obtained naturally. The microstructure and properties of the supercooled austenite transformation products at different cooling rates are different. After the induction heating is completed, it must be extremely fast cooling to prevent the low temperature core from absorbing heat from the surface layer and causing non-martensitic transformation of the surface layer. For this reason, the induction hardening cooling must be rapid cooling.
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