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Importance of induction hardening equipment for future manufacturing

When it comes to quenching equipment, there may be many people who don’t know what kind of machinery and equipment, but usually these machines are relatively small, so I don’t know very well. Nowadays, manufacturers of quenching equipment on the market have More and more, the following Haituo mechanical and electrical equipment Xiaobian take you to get to know the relevant information of induction hardening equipment.
First, the induction hardening equipment information is described in detail.
Induction hardening installation refers to a magnetic induction electric heating device for quenching the surface of mechanical parts. Using the skin effect of alternating current, the surface layer of the steel parts is heated and quenched by induction heating, which ensures that the surface of the parts has high hardness standard and fatigue resistance, while the center remains Maintain the original flexibility. A wide variety of mechanical components such as gears, shafts, pins, crankshafts, etc. are required to have such performance specifications. Induction hardening equipment is used to perform such heat treatment.
Second, the advantages and disadvantages are detailed.
The advantages of induction hardening, compared with the surface quenching ratio by flame heating, induction quenching has the following advantages:
1 heat is generated in the product workpiece itself, so the energy consumption is small and the thermal efficiency is high;
2 The heating speed and cooling speed are fast, the product workpiece has less deformation, less oxidative decarburization, and no need for secondary mechanical processing after quenching, which can avoid wasting processing costs;
3 It is convenient for enterprises to realize mass production and processing in the production line;
4 No industrial waste gas, less pollution to the environment.
Induction hardening equipment
The disadvantages of induction hardening are:

1 It is necessary to use the corresponding frequency to heat, the electromagnetic induction coil has poor versatility, and the applicable surface of the machine equipment is still relatively narrow;
2 The power supply will cause certain electromagnetic interference to the radio and need to be protected.
3 It is impossible to achieve precise quenching temperature and is susceptible to environmental influences.
4 Some special needs are high and cannot be met.

Induction hardening equipment is widely used in many industries such as automobiles, agricultural machinery, construction machinery, machine tools, railway vehicles, and electrical appliances.

Induction hardening equipment

Third, the structure principle of induction hardening equipment.
Induction hardening equipment is a combination of power supply, quenching machine and quenching control equipment. The power supply can be divided into power frequency, medium frequency or high frequency. Generally, it is selected according to the quenching depth requirement of the product workpiece. The shallower the quenching layer, the higher the power frequency should be selected. The power output end is equipped with a quenching transformer with adjustable secondary voltage. Reduce the voltage to meet the low voltage input requirements of the inductor. The quenching machine is mainly composed of a fuselage, an inductor, a product workpiece clamping and a transmission mechanism. The inductor is usually wound with a bare copper tube, only 1 or a few turns, and the surface is generally not insulated. The inductor often doubles as a cooling water shower for water quenching after heating the product workpiece. It is also possible to use oil, brine, synthetic quenching agent or flowing air to quench.

When roughing or requesting processing that is not too high, you can directly select the power supply plus inductor to form a simple quenching machine. For example, select high-frequency power supply, and use induction heating coil to form a simple high-frequency hardening machine, suitable for manual or semi-automatic automatic produce.

The above information is detailed in the Haituo mechanical and electrical equipment Xiaobian brought you to understand the content of induction hardening equipment, in the face of many manufacturers in the market, we still have to follow the principle of multi-contrast and more understanding when selecting machinery and equipment. Don't choose blindly.
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