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Igbt, induction heating, high frequency induction heating power supply

Miniature high frequency induction heating power supply An induction heating device using IBGT module and inverter AC technology. It has outstanding features such as high efficiency, energy saving, safety and reliability, and easy operation. It is mainly used in the heat treatment of metal material mechanical parts.

  Structural features:

It adopts IGBT module and variable current technology, namely full-soft-switch dual-regulated variable-current control technology. In this technology, power and frequency conversion are independently regulated, and IGBT power devices and soft-switching technologies and amorphous inductors are used to form high-frequency chopping. The circuit adjusts the power, adopts IGBT series resonance and frequency automatic tracking technology to obtain high-speed and more accurate soft-switching control inverter process, which greatly improves the reliability of the device under higher power and solves the problem that the device is more powerful. The breakthrough ensures that the equipment still has a 满负荷 duty cycle and operational reliability at high power.
High frequency induction heating power supply

 High frequency induction heating power supply

Product features:

High efficiency and energy saving: more than 60% energy saving than electronic tube high frequency equipment

Safe and reliable: no high pressure, can work continuously for 24 hours

Particularly lightweight: the smallest is only the size of the computer case, weighing less than 20 kg

Easy to install: only connect power and water pipes

Easy to operate: easy to use and easy to use without any experience, the operator can easily use the teaching for ten minutes.

Product Usage

The main applications of high frequency induction heating machines are: metal heat treatment, metal quenching, metal annealing, metal tempering, metal diathermy, metal brazing, silver welding, brazing, metal thermoforming, metal melting, metal embedding plastics, etc. .

The above is about the introduction of miniature high-frequency induction heating power supply, the product can work under high power, and will not affect its stability, users can also adjust the circuit power by themselves, but also want to know more information, pay more attention to Haituo Electromechanical Equipment website!
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