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How to control the change of stress during heat treatment of gears

The deformation of gears during heat treatment is a common phenomenon. There are many factors affecting the heat treatment deformation of gears, including: gear processing, materials and heat treatment processes. For these factors, Dongguan Haituo Power Plant has based on nearly 20 years of production practice experience. You have summarized the control methods for reducing the thermal stress distortion of gears and hope to help your metal heat treatment.
1. Isometric normalizing of gear blanks
The gear blank has a large difference in microstructure and hardness after ordinary normalizing. The isothermal normalizing can change the uniformity of the structure and hardness, and at the same time reduce the distortion caused by the processing stress non-uniformity. The application of isothermal normalizing of gear blanks plays a good role in the control of gear heat distortion in China.
2, preheating, step heating
On the one hand, the temperature in the surface of the workpiece and the parts are made uniform, and the temperature difference from the target temperature is reduced; the main purpose is to reduce the temperature difference between the parts of the workpiece. Based on the effect of preheating, it should be preheated at 540 ° C or 650 ° C before heating to 740 ° C.

3. High temperature heat treatment such as carburizing after stress relief annealing
The workpiece heated directly under high temperature is divided into two sections for heating, first at a temperature lower than the carburizing temperature, and the thermal stress is small because the heating temperature is low. At the same time, the heating rate is low and the temperature gradient is also small, which can reduce the thermal stress, and can also process the stress release and the twisted lattice recovery slowly; and then perform high temperature heat treatment such as carburizing. Therefore, the workpiece can be placed in a high-temperature carburizing furnace after stress relief annealing, in order to achieve the desired effect. In production, an existing tempering furnace can be used for this operation.
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