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How to choose induction heating equipment

How to choose induction heating equipment

        Induction heating equipment is based on the frequency of alternating current, the induction heating equipment can be divided into ultra high frequency (200-1500KHZ), high frequency (30-80KHZ), super audio (20-50KHZ), intermediate frequency (1-20KHZ) Four series.

What is Induction Heating

Taking quenching application as an example

1UHF induction heating equipment uses a current frequency of up to 1.5 MHz, and the heating layer is extremely thin, only about 1-2 mm. It can be used for thin-layer surface quenching of complex shaped workpieces such as circular saws.
2 high-frequency induction heating equipment used in the current frequency of 30-80 kHz, heating layer depth of 1.5-3 mm, can be used for surface quenching of gears, cylinder liners, cams, shafts and other parts.
3 super-audio induction heating equipment used in the current frequency is generally 10 ~ 50 kHz, the heating layer depth is 2 ~ 5 mm, using super-audio induction current to heat the small modulus gear, the heating layer is distributed along the tooth profile, after the fire Good performance.
4 medium frequency induction heating equipment used in the current frequency is generally 1 ~ 20 kHz, the depth of the heating layer is 2 ~ 8 mm, mostly used for surface quenching of large modulus gears, larger diameter shafts and cold rolls.
Select the model according to the workpiece

Induction heating equipment, according to the output frequency, can be roughly divided into: ultra high frequency, high frequency, super audio, intermediate frequency and so on. Different heating processes require different frequencies. If the frequency selection error does not meet the heating requirements, such as slow heating time, low working efficiency, uneven heating, and temperature failure, the workpiece may be damaged.

To correctly select the frequency, first of all, to understand the heating process requirements of the product, there are probably the following situations:

1. The workpiece is diathermy, for example: fasteners, standard parts, auto parts, hardware tools, rigging, hot-rolling of twist drills, etc. The larger the diameter of the workpiece, the lower the frequency should be. Such as:

Φ4 mm or less, suitable for high frequency, ultra high frequency (100-1500KHz)

Φ4-16,mm for high frequency (30-80 KHz)

Φ16-40 mm for super audio (20-50 KHz)

Φ40 mm or more for medium frequency (0.5-10 KHz)

2, heat treatment, shaft, gear, quenching and annealing of stainless steel products, etc., taking quenching as an example, the shallower the quenching layer is required, the higher the frequency should be, the deeper the quenching layer, the lower the frequency should be. Such as:

The quenching layer is 02.-0.8mm for 80-1500 KHz ultra high frequency, high frequency

1.0-1.5mm for 40-50 KHz high frequency, super audio

1.5-2.0mm for 20-25 KHz super audio

2.0-3.0mm for 8-20 KHz super audio, medium frequency

3.0-5.0mm for 4-8 KHz IF

5.0-8.0mm for 2.5-4 KHz intermediate frequency

3, brazing, bit, turning tool, reamer, milling cutter, drill bit, etc. and stainless steel pot bottom of different materials of composite welding, the larger the welding volume, the frequency should be reduced,
Take the turning of the turning tool as an example, such as:

Tool below 20 mm, suitable for 50-100 KHz high frequency UHF

20 -- 30mm or more tools for 10-50 KHz high frequency, super audio

More than 30 mm tool for 1-8 KHz IF.

4. Melting gold, silver, copper, lead and other precious metals

It depends on the furnace and production efficiency. Small capacity optional high frequency, large melting capacity intermediate frequency

IGBT intermediate frequency smelting can meet the general application of the die-casting industry, and can melt more than 500KG of general metal smelting per hour.

5, special functions and supporting equipment

Such as dual-frequency equipment, multi-load matching type (double head, multi-tap), automatic control type, one to two, bridge oil pipeline elbow, constant power constant current, soft connection sensor.

If you have special requirements for processing or are unfamiliar with the type of machine, please feel free to call Haituo Consulting.

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