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How to carry out copper and aluminum brazing What should be paid attention to in copper and aluminum dissimilar metal brazing

How to carry out copper and aluminum brazing - copper and aluminum dissimilar metal brazing should pay attention to what matters

Welding techniques are used in all types of engineering. In the past, everyone used electrical welding, but now brazing has gradually replaced traditional electrical welding technology. Here are some tips on how to perform copper-aluminum brazing. What should you pay attention to for copper-aluminum brazing?

How to perform copper and aluminum brazing

1. Traditional flame welding

When performing copper-aluminum brazing, it is preferred to use a uniform-heated air-assisted torch (the nozzle has a rotating device, the flame is evenly fired, and the peak is available for sale), and the reducing flame (natural gas, petroleum liquefied gas, and flame) is preferred. It is soft and can completely cover the welding area. When heating, the flame should be moved up and down and left and right around the connection area to make the connection area heat evenly. When connecting different kinds of metals, it should heat the metal with good thermal conductivity. When welding aluminum, the copper parts should be heated more to ensure the temperature of the connected parts is consistent.) While heating, the flux-cored wire can be used to touch the workpiece in the joint area (the welding wire is melted by the workpiece temperature, the welding effect is better), when the welding wire is found When melting, the wire should be fed immediately, and the heating should be stopped to avoid damage to the base metal by burning. Feed the wire until the molten solder fills the weld (because the melted solder penetrates into the weld by capillary action, Therefore, when visually seeing that the weld is filled with solder, the feed wire can be stopped to avoid unnecessary waste.

2, using induction heating welding

When using a medium-high frequency induction heating equipment for high-frequency welding of copper and aluminum brazing, as long as the heater makes the corresponding induction coil according to the shape of the workpiece, adjust the output power of the high-frequency welding machine according to the welding requirements, and heat it to the specific temperature required. Solder fills the weld. The post-operation mode is basically the same as the fire-fighting operation mode. But it's a bit more simple. The whole process is simpler and safer than open fire. Secondly, the heating speed is faster and more uniform, and there will be no large amount of waste parts caused by insufficient working experience of the workers. 3. It can be automated brazing with mechanical arms. This is an open flame. Absolutely impossible to do.
Copper and aluminum brazing

What should I pay attention to when carrying out copper and aluminum brazing?

1, open flame welding can not be polished, because the solder is welded by capillary action, after polishing is not conducive to welding. But inductive welding can be done with related grinding.

2. Avoid welding the flame to a certain point for a long time during welding and the welding temperature should not exceed 550 °C to avoid burning the base metal. Inductive welding can adjust the power time. Non-manual fire-burning can be done.

3, brazing work should wear protective clothing, protective gloves and protective glasses (or protective mask), beware of liquid flux splashing onto the skin causing burns.
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