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How does induction hardening equipment quench the gears?

Gear induction hardening equipment refers to induction electric heating equipment for quenching the surface of gear machinery and other parts. It mainly processes heat treatment of gears and other workpieces. Induction hardening equipment is mainly composed of power supply, quenching machine and quenching control equipment. Fast speed, high thermal efficiency, less deformation of the workpiece, energy saving, environmental protection and pollution-free.
When in-use and high-frequency equipment inductively quench the gears, the gears with modulus m<4mm are often subjected to full-tooth hardening; for gears with m>5mm, due to the tooth height and width, it can be quenched along the teeth. It can be quenched along the tooth groove, and it can be cooled by spray (mainly water) or by immersion liquid. When the whole tooth is quenched, the gear should rotate, the gear does not rotate when the single tooth is quenched, and it rotates after each tooth is quenched. One tooth until all quenched.

At present, gear induction hardening equipment is mainly used for heat-transfer forging of various round steels and plates; heat treatment of various shafts, gears, auto parts, mechanical parts, and pump tubes; Regarding the welding of tools and blades, no matter which heating method we choose, the workpiece needs to be rotated in the inductor to achieve uniform heating. The workpiece needs to be rotated, so that the hardness and quenching layer of the workpiece surface can be hardened. The depth is even.
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