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Household melting furnace structure features use and use

The family melting pot is also called high-frequency melting machine or medium-frequency melting furnace. It can be selected according to the size of melting. It is a favorite partner of jewelry designers and folk jewellery craftsmen. They can make their perfect gold and silver jewelry through the melting pot. . Here is a brief introduction to the structural characteristics, uses and methods of use of the home melting furnace.

 The structure of the family melting furnace:
According to the use of different power sources, the melting furnace can be divided into high frequency and intermediate frequency. The high frequency is generally 220V or 380V. The melting amount is relatively small and the temperature is relatively low.
The intermediate frequency is generally 380V. The smelting amount is relatively large and the temperature is relatively high. But their configuration is basically the same, the melting furnace contains medium and high frequency power cabinets and furnace body. It is a hydraulically inverted molten gold furnace, which is convenient for fixed-point casting. When casting a single piece, it can save raw materials and reduce labor intensity.
When necessary, the high-frequency melting machine can be easily smelted to achieve pure manual operation.

   Melting furnace

Structural features of the family melting furnace:

1. The melting gold furnace is small in size, light in weight, high in efficiency and low in power consumption;

2. The temperature around the furnace is low, the smoke is less, and the working environment is good;

3. Simple operation process and reliable smelting operation;

4. The heating temperature is uniform, the burning loss is small, and the metal composition is uniform;

5. The casting quality is good, the melting temperature is fast, the furnace temperature is easy to control, and the production efficiency is high;

6. The utilization rate of the molten gold furnace is high and the replacement is convenient.

Medium and high frequency melting gold furnace use
Mainly through the enamel container, the precious metal instantly senses the sound to smelt, purify, cast and other processes, for precious metals: platinum, palladium, gold, gold, silver, copper, steel, gold fine powder, gold sand, tin ash, tin slag, etc. High melting gold metal. The fastest heating speed is less than 1 second (the speed can be adjusted).

The high temperature melting machine can reach a temperature of more than 1800 degrees. Suitable for gold k gold silver smelting
The maximum temperature of the medium frequency melting furnace can reach more than 2800 degrees. Suitable for platinum, palladium, gold smelting

Melting furnace
How to use the family melting furnace:

First, prepare the items used for the operation before using the home melting furnace, such as tongs, tongs, graphite tanks, gloves, helmets, and gold or gold smells to be smelted.

Then, bring a helmet and gloves and check if the power and cooling water are connected. The home melting furnace can be connected to a 220V household power supply, and the cooling water must be in and out.

Finally, put the 坩埚 in the coil, put the gold or silver in the 后 and turn on the power. Press the start button to turn the power to maximum. In about 2 minutes, the gold nugget in the crucible is completely melted. At this time, the stop button of the melting furnace can be pressed, the crucible is clamped out with a pair of pliers, and the gold liquid is poured into the graphite tank. After 5 minutes, the main power switch can be turned off and the gold liquid is cooled and formed.
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