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Homemade high frequency induction heating coil steps and precautions

First, what are the steps to make a high-frequency induction heating coil?

Observe the size and shape of the workpiece that needs to be heated.

The number of turns of the induction coil is determined according to the heating temperature. If it is more than 700 ° C, a double or multi-turn structure should be adopted.

Adjust the induction coil gap: the gap between the small workpiece and the induction coil should be controlled at 1-3mm; the gap between the larger workpiece and the induction coil is adjusted as follows: When the power adjustment rotation has been adjusted to the maximum, the current is only the maximum but the heating speed Very slow, at this time should reduce the gap between the workpiece and the induction coil or increase the number of induction coils.

The induction coil should be a copper tube with a diameter of 8mm or more and a wall thickness of 1mm. If the round copper tube with a diameter larger than 8mm is preferably processed into a square copper tube, the induction coil is bent;

The copper tube is first annealed, and then one end is flattened and poured into fine sand or lead liquid;

According to the shape of the designed induction ring, it is gradually tapped and formed. It is best to use a wooden hoe when hitting. The corner should be beaten slowly, and it should not be used too hard.

After bending, use a copper tube to beat the induction coil to shake out the fine sand. The lead-in liquid should be heated to lead after the induction coil is heated, and all the lead liquid should be poured out to check whether the induction coil is ventilated; In order to prevent the short circuit between the turns, the high temperature resistant insulating material (such as glass fiber tube, fiberglass belt, refractory cement) should be put on the surface, and the surface oxide layer should be polished by the electrical contact part connected with the machine.

Second, need to pay attention to matters?

The sensor (inductive coil) in the induction heating device is the same as the water and the large induction heating current (up to 2400A), which directly affects whether the machine can be used normally. It is best to find a professional manufacturer to order. The induction coils made by ourselves are easy to short-circuit and fire because they are not required.

In addition, the splint and nut for fixing the inductor when installing the induction coil must be made of copper. All ferrous materials, including the stainless steel hose clamp that fastens the inlet and outlet of the inductor, should pass the current with the output and the inductor. Keep a distance of 50MM or more to prevent being heated.

Note that the induction coil must not have a short circuit, and the metal workpiece cannot be in contact with the copper tube of the induction coil. Otherwise, it will cause a fire. The lighter machine can't start the work normally, and the heavy one will damage the machine and the induction ring.

The above is the precautions for the operation of self-made high-frequency induction heating coils introduced by Haituo Electromechanical Co., Ltd. today. It doesn't matter if we don't know how to do this. Anyone who has learned it knows that this is actually very simple.
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