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High quality steel pipe quenching heat treatment equipment supplier

High-quality steel pipe heat treatment quenching equipment supplier Why more and more factories choose induction heating furnace to become the main steel pipe heat treatment quenching equipment? With the increasing awareness of energy conservation, emission reduction and environmental protection, and the policy guarantees for energy conservation and emission reduction in various countries, new technologies with energy conservation and environmental protection are increasingly used in industrial production, civil and commercial fields. New technologies, new equipment, and electromagnetic induction furnaces are among them.

Steel tube heat treatment quenching equipment features:
The induction heating furnace uses IGBT as the main equipment and full bridge inverter.
Higher load continuation rate design for continuous operation.
The induction heating furnace has complete maintenance functions and high reliability.
It can remotely control and match infrared temperature measurement, complete active temperature control, improve heating quality and simplify worker operation.
Instead of heating furnaces, coke ovens, salt bath furnaces, gas furnaces, oil furnaces and other heating methods.
Select frequency active stalking and multi-channel closed-loop control. 7. The device is simple and easy to operate.

High quality system for steel tube heat treatment furnace 1. Improve product quality
The temperature of the steel tube heat treatment furnace can be controlled and adjusted, the heating speed is fast, the material is evenly heated, and the product quality can be effectively guaranteed.
2, improve production efficiency
The electromagnetic heating controller can quickly heat the material after being energized, and the thermal efficiency is high, and the production efficiency is guaranteed.

3. Improve the working environment
The cable part does not radiate heat outward, lowering the temperature of the work site and improving the working environment.
The benefits of electromagnetic heating transformation for enterprises are attributed to two points: reducing costs and increasing efficiency. This is also the fundamental point of enterprise development and revenue generation.
4, reduce production costs
1. Steel tube heat treatment furnace saves electricity by 30%-70%, reducing electricity cost
2. The cable itself is not hot, the loss is small, the service life is long, and there is basically no maintenance cost in the later period, reducing the cost of maintenance and frequent coil replacement.
3, the cable itself does not heat will directly affect the temperature of the production site, the work site temperature drops to normal temperature, especially in summer, can reduce the cost of cooling for ventilation

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