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High quality steel pipe quenching equipment system

The process of induction heat treatment of steel pipes is the same as that of conventional gas-fired step furnaces, but the working principle and processing engineering are completely different. In the gas-type stepping furnace, the steel pipe is integrally heated; in the steel pipe quenching and tempering equipment, the steel pipe is continuously heated in stages and successively; the quenching process and the tempering process are also carried out. Therefore, when the steel pipe is heated, quenched, and tempered, it is basically moving in the longitudinal direction and rotating forward, and the rest is the horizontal line moving.

The steel pipe quenching and tempering equipment designed and manufactured by Haituo has the following performance advantages compared with similar products produced by other manufacturers:
1. Multi-stage continuous heating mode, using multiple power supply multi-point control and heating zone controllable. Real-time temperature closed-loop control can be realized to achieve temperature control accuracy. The back-end power supply can compensate for the uneven temperature of the heating of the steel pipe by a single high-power power supply, thereby ensuring temperature uniformity.
2. The control system can track the parameters of each workpiece during the quenching and tempering process and record and store it.
3. The heating temperature of the steel pipe quenching and tempering equipment can be controlled and the adjustment is flexible, so that the temperature at which the steel pipe is heated can be freely adjusted according to the process.
4. The transmission line has stable transmission and adjustable speed, and the workpiece is heated evenly. The amount of deformation of the workpiece after heating is small.
5. The sensor is easy to disassemble and assemble, and can be adjusted up and down and left and right.
6. The perfect internal spray system can speed up the cooling of the inner hole and improve the quenching quality. Make the inner and outer hardened layers uniform and prevent the inner holes from entering the water.
7. The set of steel pipe quenching and tempering equipment has the advantages of high automation, low failure rate, complete safety protection facilities, low energy consumption, high efficiency, simple operation, convenient maintenance, and ordinary employees can also operate.

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