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High frequency welding machine tool brazing furnace tool welding tool

High-frequency machine production of carbide saw blade tool welding high-frequency induction welding machine, high-frequency welding machine | induction welding machine application range: supply quality high-frequency welding machine various tool welding, milling cutter welding, planing knife welding, various Woodworking tool welding, all kinds of bit welding, such as: geological drill bit, petroleum drill bit, coal mining bit welding, etc., can also be used for shearer cutting rule welding, excavator cutting rule welding, diamond electric hard alloy saw blade tool welding high frequency Induction welding machine saw blade tool welding equipment upgrade version of high frequency welding electric furnace super new technology research and development. Saw blade welding, carbide saw blade, tool welding, a wide range of applications, welcome to the company to visit. Main features of turning tool: Power saving: 30% energy saving than electronic tube, 20% lower than thyristor medium frequency. Stable performance: complete protection, no worries. Fast heating: no oxide layer, small deformation. Welding After the appearance is exquisite, the heating is even, so there is no shortage of welding and solder joints. Our company is an old enterprise engaged in high-frequency welding. It has more than ten years of rich experience, advanced technology and equipment can be used with confidence.

High frequency welding machine tool brazing furnace tool welding tool

Advantages for brazing of metal parts:

1. Induction heating speed is fast and efficiency is high;

2. Low energy saving and low cost;

3. The oxidation area is small;

4, the appearance is beautiful after welding;

5, heating evenly, there is no shortage of welding and solder joints.

For multi-blade milling cutters and drills, the power should not be too small. Otherwise, not only the welding speed is slow, but also the welding quality is poor. After welding the tungsten carbide and other materials, the oven insulation or lime insulation should be used. Slow cooling method. Otherwise, the blade and the cutter head are easy to break and break. There is no special need. Generally, the high-frequency welding machine does not need to set the temperature control circuit. First, the welding temperature is easy to master. Second, the high-frequency welding speed is faster, and temperature control is not necessary. Third, there is a certain deviation in temperature sampling. Many manufacturers who originally planned to adopt temperature control methods do not need to use most of them in practical applications. Skilled workers can completely grasp and control the temperature and quality of each welded part.
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