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High frequency induction heating machine, ideal for metal processing heat treatment

The high-frequency heating machine is one of the essential equipments for heating aluminum rods, steel billets, steel bars, medium-thick plates, round steels, steel pipes and other metal materials. The high-frequency induction heater is a core special equipment that has been greatly updated for many years after mastering the market demand in many aspects. The product has the advantages of high thermal efficiency, stable operation, strong adaptability, energy saving and consumption reduction.

High frequency induction heating machine inner hole heating process

Germany's advanced high-frequency induction heating technology, higher production efficiency, Herrento induction heating power supply uses advanced induction heater technology to achieve continuous and stable heating, no over-burning during the heat treatment of metal material products No open flame, over-voltage protection of the equipment during the heating process, the internal structure is relatively simple, easy to install, use, maintain, and nursery work are more simple and easy to operate, more secure and stable.

Improve production efficiency, high efficiency and low cost; electromagnetic induction heating does not need to preheat in advance during heating of metal materials, but directly by turning on the electric furnace. When the full load is 99%, the processing capacity of the product workpiece per unit time is large, saving more than 30%, and the production capacity is improved. Energy saving, green and environmental protection.

With the increasing demand for low-carbon environmental protection in the field of metal heat treatment, Dongguan is at the forefront of the new era in terms of power saving. Adopting Germany's latest IGBT dual-frequency dual-mode technology, incorporating the international advanced environmental protection core concept, to reduce the dust and noise of metal material heating equipment, the new induction heater technology replaces traditional coal heating and oil heating, greatly improving The production environment of machinery and equipment is more energy efficient and consumes.

High frequency induction heating machine

Reasonable selection of medium and high frequency induction heating equipment can not only improve the utilization rate of metal material products, reduce power loss, but also play an important role in improving the economic efficiency of business owners. As a metal material heating device, the energy-saving induction heating furnace has excellent performance, quality and structure, and is an ideal choice for metal materials heating customers.

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