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High-frequency induction heating equipment safe operation and troubleshooting

In the metal processing industry, high-frequency induction heating equipment is widely used, because high-frequency induction heating equipment is a new type of equipment that is relatively energy-saving and environmentally friendly. Haituo Electromechanical introduces the safe operation and troubleshooting of high-frequency induction heating equipment.

High frequency induction heating equipment failure

First, high frequency induction heating equipment

High-frequency induction heating equipment, features Easy to operate: Learn in a few minutes, define metal objects to be heated instantly, application range Local or integral quenching and annealing of various metals.

Second, safe operation

Operating specifications that should be given special attention in daily operations

(1) There must be two people above to operate the high frequency equipment and specify the person in charge of the operation. Wear insulated shoes, insulated gloves and other protective equipment.

(2) The operator must be familiar with the operating procedures of the high-frequency equipment. Before starting the machine, check whether the cooling system of the equipment is normal, and then send power after normal, and operate according to the operating procedures.

(3) All the doors should be closed before work. The door should be equipped with electrical interlocking device to ensure that the door cannot be powered before it is closed. After the high pressure is closed, it is not allowed to move to the rear of the machine. It is strictly forbidden to open the door.

(4) The workpiece should be free of burrs, iron filings and oil stains, otherwise it will easily arc with the sensor during heating. Arcing now produces arcing that can both damage vision and damage sensors and damage equipment.

(5) High-frequency equipment should be kept clean, dry and free of dust. If abnormal phenomena are found during work, the high-voltage power should be cut off first, and then the fault should be checked. A special person must be inspected for high-frequency equipment. After opening the door, first discharge the anode, the grid, the capacitor, etc. with a power rod, and then start maintenance. It is strictly forbidden to repair the electricity.

(6) When using a quenching machine, the safety regulations for electrical, mechanical and hydraulic transmissions should be observed. When moving the quenching machine, prevent it from falling.

Third, how to solve the conventional failure of high frequency induction heating equipment

When there is no power display, it may be because the air switch and power switch are not closed; the control circuit is broken; the air switch or the power switch is damaged, and the solution is to close the switch, replace the fuse, replace or contact the manufacturer for repair;

After starting, it will not be heated. The actual working power supply shows “000”. The reason is that the startup fails. You can turn the power adjustment knob down and restart it to solve it.

Sudden stop when heating, the reason may be the short circuit between the sensor and the workpiece, the solution is to eliminate the short circuit; the alarm elimination method according to the troubleshooting method described below; contact with the manufacturer to repair three methods;

During operation, the “water pressure” indicator lights up and alarms, indicating that the water volume is too small, the water pressure is too low, the pipeline is not smooth, the equipment automatically stops working, and the waterway related problems should be dealt with;

During operation, the “overvoltage” indicator lights up and an alarm indicates that the voltage is too high or too low, the machine automatically stops working, and the voltage grid problem should be handled;

During operation, the “overcurrent” indicator lights up and alarms. There are interference signals, high temperature, working contact sensor, and short circuit between sensors. It can be turned off to eliminate the alarm and eliminate faults 2 and 3. If the water temperature is normal, it still cannot work. Please contact the manufacturer for repair;

When the work, the "water temperature" indicator lights up and alarms, indicating that the water temperature is too high, or the transformer temperature is too high, the heating should be stopped immediately, after stopping the water, and after cooling, use a small current to heat;

Repeatedly restarted repeatedly, there is still no heating current, power is turned off after startup, and the main power switch trips, you need to contact the manufacturer.

Haituo Electromechanical understands how to solve the problem of high-frequency induction heating equipment failure and safe operation. Although we know how to solve the fault of high-frequency induction heating equipment, we still have to make a decision based on the actual situation, and pay attention to safety when operating.
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