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Handheld high frequency welding machine

One-button type: Use PLC interface to display current, voltage, waterway and fault through screen display Operation becomes easier
Safe and environmentally friendly: No flame, no gas, no heat radiation; Make the operator more comfortable and environmentally friendly
Mobile: Small size, no footprint, mobile and portable to provide more flexibility for heating tasks
Outdoor work: 220V work, solve outdoor work and find troubles with three-phase electricity
Model HT-SC25
Power supply 25KW
Frequency 30-100KHZ
Output current 200-1200A
Pump power 2.85KW
Cooling capacity 8.39KW/hr
Compressor 2.2KW
Pump head 22m
Dimensionmm) 940*555*1060
Application range
1, transformer joint welding
2, hard alloy sawtooth welding
3, surface heating coating and other on-site heating applications
4, copper tube, stainless steel tube and tube welding, tube and shell welding
5, copper pipe welding of air conditioning industry, refrigerator industry, bathroom industry, etc.
Handheld high frequency welding machine
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