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Haituo pipe heat treatment quenching equipment

Do you know the advantages of induction heating equipment when heat treatment of workpieces? Do you know how the induction heating device works? Don't understand? It doesn't matter, you will understand after reading!
The principle applied in the heat treatment of the tube heat treatment quenching furnace is mainly derived from the electromagnetic induction phenomenon discovered by Faraday. In general, the alternating current generates an induced current in the conductor, thereby causing a phenomenon that the conductor generates heat.

Induction heating is a good form of electric heating. The conversion of electrical energy into thermal energy is mainly based on the Faraday electromagnetic induction principle, so that the three-phase power source becomes an intermediate frequency alternating current through the intermediate frequency induction power supply, and when the alternating current is passing through the induction coil. After that, it generates an alternating induced magnetic field, thus producing an alternating magnetic flux Φ whose magnitude and direction change with time.

When we put a piece of conductive metal into the induction coil, according to Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction, the corresponding induced electromotive force е is generated inside the workpiece, and because the metal is a conductor, the induced current I2 is generated due to the presence of the induced electromotive force. This induced current I2 is called eddy current, and according to the Joule-Lenz's law, when the eddy current flows inside the metal with a certain resistance, a certain amount of heat Q is generated, which causes the metal to be heated.

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